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Knowing your why, in theory and in reality!

We all have our reasons why we became self employed or why we chose our career path, which is our why? So what is yours?

I have a few whys. 1 was initially to try and achieve the elusive work life balance whilst raising a young family which I could then work around around. Some days and weeks I achieve this and some I don’t but that’s the pitfalls and highs of being a working mum and female entrepreneur. At the end of the day though the family and the clients never go without and they are always both a priority.

2 and probably the main or biggest driver/reason s to provide small business with a large business service. Eg I want them to think big and have what big companies have without needing the large departments and large budget. I want to make a difference and support small businesses to achieve and succeed, through simple yet clever marketing. With careful planning and strategy and all important analysing, this is very achievable and that’s where I come into my own.

3 is the variety! I couldn’t have a job or run a business where I did the same thing day in day out. For me as the owner of Pinpoint Marketing every day varies in terms of the client I work with, my location or office for the day, the campaign work I am doing and so on. For example, next week I have a new client/new business meeting with a local restaurant chain which I am looking forward to, then sports day with my daughter, then a radio interview with my local station on my recent #WOW award win, then an all female networking event and finally I am starting to record some podcasts and book my autumn workshop series. Plus I will be fitting in the day to day client calls, content writing, creating, planning and analysing and more.

What is your why? Is it a why for you or for others or both? What is your back story behind you and your business or job? Find more about me.


Have a good working week!