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It’s not what you say but how you say it?

communicating with your target audience

Or is it both? “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” – Bernard Baruch

How can we communicate with our customers and potential customers? By communicating I mean two-way talk involving questions and answers and engagement, rather than talking at someone. Communicating with our target audience involves speaking and also listening. In this month’s blog we are looking at communicating in a non-digital way.

What are the non digital options for communicating with your target audience?

Non digital marketing channels include:

Advertising in print or on the radio – these can be written ads, using images and words. They can also be video or voice based. Always include a call to action

PR – press releases and editorial – these are newsworthy in terms of their content and will tell a story. They will build up a picture and give background

Advertorials – combining both ads and PR

Networking in person – when we can go back to this method, networking can work wonders to grow your contacts, gain new business, find new customers and suppliers, get support and training and even make friends and business alliances

Direct mail – letters, flyers and postcards

Business cards – these have your key contact information on and sometimes a list of services you offer or appointment dates

Lumpy mail – this is something non flat like a letter, eg a pen, coffee mug, flowers, biscuits or cupcakes etc

Phone – don’t forget the good old phone. Many customers and people in business are all Zoomed out, so why not call.

Marketing channels to use

Whatever channel you use, you must always be GDPR compliant. Non digital options are just as important as digital even in today’s fast paced world, especially if your audience isn’t tech savvy or reliant on the internet and social media. Some of these methods may be more expensive in terms of the costs of printing, membership, design and so on, but if customers respond and engage, then it is worth it. If they then go onto buy from you, then the ROI box has most certainly been ticked.

By talking with our customers and target audience rather than talking at them, we will inspire them more. They will listen more. They will not feel sold too. So getting your communications and messaging right is very important, whatever method you use.

 “Two monologues do not make a dialogue.” – Jeff Daly

Next month, our blog and newsletter will look at the digital methods and channels for communicating with your target audience marketing wise.