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It’s all about me? (and you, and my family! It’s all about us!) …

Pinpoint Marketing

Benjamin Franklin once said that “if you want something done, ask a busy person.”
Sounds familiar to me! Does it to you? The reason behind this quote apparently is because the busier we are, the better we manage our time. And the reason goes on to explain that busy people are able to get more done in a day because they don’t waste time.

This month’s blog is a different one for me. Usually I talk about market news or industry insights as well as client and project examples, but for March and without sounding like a total big head, I would like to celebrate me, what I do and what is going on in the world of women in business.

March and why it matters to me

March is my birthday month and it is also International Women’s Day as well as being Mother’s Day. March also sees my finishing my first cohort of the NatWest Accelerator Programme. That’s a lot of things for me to celebrate and for me to be proud of.

I hope as a Mum with a decent work ethic then I am setting a good example to my children. And being a well rounded career person as well as being busy and social outside of work, I hope to then be a good example to my clients. They can see my credibility from all the case studies, awards and testimonials that I and the business has too.

About me, Nicole!

I am a working mum of two children (a footballing son aged 16 and a horse riding artist girl of 12), as well as being a wife, a family member and a friend to many.

My favourite colour is red and I like to watch quizzes on TV as well as watching football in real live and on TV. My favourite food is Chinese or Thai.

Get to know me more on the about us page

From a business point of view, Pinpoint Marketing is double award winning (read about our recent day at the SBS event and we specialise in creating and implementing marketing strategies and plans for B2B professional service based businesses, in particular, supporting the business owner and MD. Established back in May 2008 Pinpoint offers planning services as well as executing such plans either by us or our network of suppliers.

Our clients are at the centre of what we do. Pinpoint Marketing identifies a client’s marketing issues and we then solve the client’s marketing problems. Find out more about our mission, vision and culture.

It’s a juggle some days

As many of your working parents will know, some days it’s a juggle running your own business and being a parent. Do you sometimes feel like an air traffic controller? Are you waving your arms about, pressing buttons, fire fighting all whilst frantically guiding and directing clients, projects, deadlines, suppliers and more?
Are you juggling or surviving?
Are you missing slots or landing client after client?

Working with Pinpoint is like having a calm, steady and reliable head and pair of hands to steer your business and keep everything in the air. Maya Angelou said – Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

Marketing consistency – what is it and how to achieve it?

Marketing and consistent marketing can be both a gain and a pain solver. How so?
Doing the right marketing at the right time to the right people can solve the pain of not having enough business or not having enough leads to follow up on. And planning your marketing can also save time and duplicate of effort in the long run and for you and the business to be/feel more in control. Outsourcing or getting consistent with your marketing (or both) can solve the pain of you being a busy business owner and not having the time to dedicate to marketing.

In b2b terms, gaining consistency with your marketing leads to consistency with your leads coming in therefore gaining consistency with your sales and follow up, therefore gaining you and the business consistency in your revenue. If things don’t go right in your marketing, your plan will help you and the business react better and get back on track more quickly with the whole consistency piece.
Consistency! “Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

It’s all about them

To finish off, I would like to thank all my lovely clients past and present. Here is a link in case you need them and their services for your business or home.