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Is your business operating like a typical small business?

Time for marketing

Paul was sat at his desk in the office making plans. These plans were thoughts and ideas but weren’t much more than a list at this point. He wanted to turn these lists into action points, but the phone kept ringing and emails coming into the inbox (which isn’t a bad thing of course) and he was regularly side tracked, in a good way, supporting and training up his team and running the business itself. Business was good, which was another good thing, but Paul never really had time to dedicate to marketing and to his growth plans. He was open minded and wanted to progress and grow, but he did at times wished things were different. He also wished he had contacts in all the areas he needed support with business wise.

The bigger marketing picture

Sam was also at her desk, but in the main office, busy as usual with her day to day role including ordering the office supplies, booking in the work, responding to customers, updating the systems and database and handling calls. When she had time, she would look at the social media profiles for the business and comment on posts, share posts and write the occasional post when her, Paul and the team had been in team meetings and content had been generated by all sharing company news and plans. She was willing to get stuck in and wanted to be part of the businesses exciting growth plans but didn’t feel she had the skills needed at times and also didn’t have clarity on the bigger marketing picture. Marketing after all isn’t a tick box exercise.

Sounds like a typical small business operating right? And true, it is.

How could this situation be changed? How could this picture look different?

Outsourced marketing director

Someone like me, Nicole, could come in, in an outsourced marketing director type role? She could brainstorm with Paul and take his ideas and goals and turn these into a strategy and an actionable plan. Then Nicole could work with Sam and support her enthusiasm for marketing by helping nurture the content for posts and so on, and bring in her contacts to support in additional marketing areas where help is needed short and long term such as website updates, design work, copy writing and more. Sam, with Nicole’s guidance, could implement the marketing plan so it is actioned rather than remaining a wish list.

Marketing support

Paul would get a confidante and Sam would get training and support, and the business would see its goals materialise into success! And Nicole would help educate and add value to a fellow small business and service their needs.

How does this sound to you?

Like a picture that could easily be brought to life with the right vision, the right artist and the right supplies? … Let’s get round the table (online or in person if appropriate) and talk …