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Forbes says in an article there are 4 Steps to successful brainstorming

1. Lay out the problem you want to solve.

2. Identify the objectives of a possible solution.

3. Try to generate solutions individually.

4. Once you have gotten clear on your problems, your objectives and your personal solutions to the problems, work as a group.

It is all about identifying, acknowledging and then taking action. Step by step and working through an idea or a problem methodically.

Brainstorming your business?

How much do you spend ON vs IN the business? Do you take much time to or make much time for blue sky thinking? According to Metro 16% voted “blue sky thinking” as the most annoying workplace jargon!

Love or loathe the phrase, thinking and thinking strategically is key for business success, but you don’t and shouldn’t really do this activity on your own.   According to the Oxford languages dictionary, brainstorming is “group discussion to produce ideas or solve problems”

When I am talking to prospects and clients, I prefer to use or refer to the outsider looking in perspective as a phrase. “Sometimes an outside perspective is the clearer perspective.” ― Shannon A. Thompson

Not being stuck in a rut is key for businesses therefore coasting along with no plan isn’t idea and with so many recent changes economically and business wise, your business and how it operates, sells and who to must have changed too. Therefore brainstorming and addressing these changes is key too.

What can you brainstorm?

In theory any aspect of the business from your marketing (which channels to use or who is your target audience or where you get most of your leads from and so on), or finances and budgets or new services to launch or staffing and capacity or IT and tech. The list is endless.

You should also consider where you do this activity. In the office is a good place for some, whereas others get distracted here and prefer a neutral venue like a café and some also get inspiration when out walking and in nature.

What works for you when it comes to brainstorming your business?

Brainstorming your marketing

A recent testimonial I received said – “Marketing is something that I know I should have a strategy for but have never really found the time to create. So, when I approached Nicole for her help, I was not really sure what it would involve. With this plan, I can now create my own internal plan to deliver more consistent and targeted marketing for my ideal clients, rather than coming up with ideas on the fly. I know that this will save me time in the long run as well as being more relevant for my business.

Nicole at Pinpoint Marketing is an excellent communicator and her approach to marketing strategy is both accessible and professional. Our company is still small so this service was enough to get us started, but I can see that Nicole would provide a valuable outsourced member of our team as we grow. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again in future.”

Using others to help you/guide you and brainstorm with you ensures action. It helps stop procrastination as you are more accountable than if you did this on your own.

So, do you need new marketing ideas?

Do you need more leads?

Are you struggling with the direction of your marketing?

Do you need extra resource or guidance or help achieving marketing consistency?

Book an hour with Pinpoint Marketing to brainstorm and ask your questions. You can set/ask your own questions if you have specific areas that you need marketing support on or we can follow Pinpoint’s template of questions for a more general marketing audit. 

Outsourcing your marketing

Over the months and years, I have written many articles on brainstorming, outsourcing, seeking help and support on and for your business. And here are just a couple of these pieces;

Outsourcing vs using/hiring resources in house  

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