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Is not upselling a missed opportunity?

I say yes!

I told the story today in the workshop I was hosting. I have recently booked a horse riding lesson for my daughter and a golf club birthday party for my son. Neither of these things were cheap but of course worth it. Maybe it is because I am a marketing consultant or professional, but by me booking the lessons and courses then it showed to the businesses/business owners that I am a caring mother and willing to spend money to make them happy and to bring joy.

What has surprised me, as an example, and I have many more examples that since the events took place, neither business has contacted me to ask about my experience and to upsell to me to book future lessons or courses or parties and events? Why is this? Are they just busy or is it a case of they have had my money so the story ends. I don’t know the answer, but in my mind they have missed a trick. Do you agree?

As a marketer I tell my clients about measuring and evaluating their marketing and about looking after their customers to make them into loyal and repeat business. So what could these businesses have done? They could of called me or emailed me after the event and asked about my experience. They could of taken it one step further and perhaps offered me a discount or time limited offer to buy more. Would I of done this, probably yes! Especially if I had to buy/book quickly as this would of meant firstly a discount and secondly I/the kids would of still been in the happy customer zone and therefore more easy to reach and sell to.

How many times has this happened to you? Businesses are busy I know and these two businesses probably are too and they don’t necessarily need more business but this is quite a short sighted approach. Upselling and cross selling to customers who have already purchased from us are in my mind, low hanging fruit. Thank them, treat them well and they will be ambassadors and trumpet blowers for your business. This is invaluable.

If you don’t ask them you don’t get. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for a review or to sell to them (in a non pushy way of course) or to ask them to refer you. Most people want to help but we don’t know how so when a small business asks then that is your cue to help.

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