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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” Do you agree?

measure your marketing

This is a famous quote from management guru Peter Drucker. Without measuring your business activity, your sales, your turnover and sales and in particular your marketing activity and campaigns, how do you know what is working and what isn’t? And how do you know if you are doing well as a business and getting closer to achieving your goals?

In this piece, Pinpoint Marketing will walk you through what to measure, how to measure your marketing, why measure and then what to do with the findings.

What marketing to measure

As in the stats, the analytics, the numbers. Such figures would typically cover:

Google Analytics (users, sessions, hand time on pages, keywords used to find the site, bounce rate, sources of traffic to the site, which pages are popular and which are not etc).

Social media profiles (stats per each profile) – likes, followers, reach, engagement, impressions etc.

Email marketing – numbers on the database, send rate, open rate, click through rate etc.

Plus measure your leads – how many do you have and where do these come from?

Plus, and this will vary depending on what marketing channels you use to market and sell your business, you may want to measure SEO activity, number of blogs, sales calls, networking events, advertising clicks, online directory listings, membership or subscription numbers and so on.

How to measure your marketing

Now you know what to measure, how can you do it? My recommendation is to firstly do this regularly eg monthly or quarterly. Monthly would be better so you can take acy action swiftly where needed and to maintain the momentum. How you measure can be recorded in a simple spreadsheet or an advance spreadsheet or via your CRM system or via online software and apps. The aim is for as much as possible data entry and analysis wise to be automated and calculate/populated. The measuring and outcome of the results can be numbers based or visual or both. Here are two images showcasing the Pinpoint Marketing monthly accountability report that we complete monthly for ourselves and our retainer clients.

NOTE – I would recommend doing a one off snapshot report before starting working with someone like me or before ramping up your efforts internally. Then you can gauge ROI in a before and after style to capture the worth and justify the activity.

Why measure your marketing activity and campaigns

You will want to cross check the numbers you are measuring against your goals and KPI’s so you can gauge progress. So what are the other benefits to measuring your marketing and sales activity?

Knowing the numbers and facts will enable you to make informed decisions, and not rely on guesswork as to what marketing to implement, when, where and how.

You can see what is working and what isn’t, so you can plough time and money into the best channels as opposed to covering them all in a tick box way.

You can ensure you don’t lose focus and stay on track

And stop procrastinating and taking no action  

And finally, you can use such a report to keep yourself and your team (internal or outsourced based) accountable

What to do with the findings from your marketing report

Now you have measured, got the stats and realised why you are doing this, what can you or should you do with the findings?

The numbers and graphs should mainly be used for making improvements in your business eg improvements in what you do or who does it or how much time and money you spend on it. As said before, you can use the reports to see what is working and what isn’t and then be able to, with confidence, determine/ramp up/cut back on certain activities and channels and use your limited resources in the right and most appropriate way.

If you need support measuring and being accountable, we can help. Visit  

Have I done this before? Am I in a position to help you with your marketing accountability?

Yes I am and here are two case studies and testimonials to prove it, where I have helped clients by being their outsourced marketing manager to take action, to be consistent with their marketing and then to measure their marketing across the suppliers and campaigns and use the results to make changes and improvements.

“Nicole has helped Swindon Silicon Systems lay the foundations of our marketing strategy
and controls. I would highly recommend Nicole to any company that is looking to outsource
their marketing strategy role. Nicole has been working for Swindon since 2014 and during
that time she has proven to be a much valued member of the team and it is through her
efforts that the marcomms administration is on a professional footing.”

“Nicole has been working with me over the last 3 months developing my content, and marketing strategy for my company. Nicole has created a monthly reporting guide where I
can see an increase in traffic across all my social media outlets. We have also developed a monthly plan for publishing 2-3 weekly current topics for my business on my social platforms
which Nicole manages directly. Nicole also works with my website design partner, to ensure that my website / SEO is also in line with my marketing plan”