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Hybrid marketing – is it an actual thing?

Hybrid marketing

The word hybrid means “a thing made by combining two different elements.” In the past we have heard of hybrid cars and more recently, hybrid working with employees working a mixture from home and in the office. So, what about hybrid marketing? Is it a thing? Here at Pinpoint Marketing, we would say yes. So, what do I mean?

Marketing consultancy

We work together with our clients, pooling our marketing knowledge, market knowledge, time and resources. For some clients, we work on retainer basis and act as their mini marketing department supplying them with the knowledge and resources gaps that their small business has. For others, we take on the consultant role by offering a strategy and plan for a business to adopt and implement it internally. Depending on the size, inclination, resources and marketing experience of the client/business owner, this hybrid way of working brings in the optimum results and successes with minimum stress, upheaval and expenditure. You have the industry knowledge, you know the customers and you know what has or hasn’t worked marketing wise in the past. We know the theory and the practical, we know what has worked for others in the past and we know just what to do and when.

Marketing experience

We have worked with our clients in these ways for years and years now, and it works. By also bringing in Pinpoint’s network of fellow freelancers and consultants in marketing related areas like websites, SEO, graphic design, business coaching and so on, we are able to offer you the client a whole solution to benefit from, and in a hybrid way.

Outsourcing your marketing

The benefits to using a consultant on a retainer or ad hoc basis, and outsourcing to a virtual team are a plenty, including the financial aspect with minimal overheads, you the customer only pays for what you use, you get the bespoke help and support that only your business needs and you get dedicated knowledge sharing and expertise to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals. For example, if you already have a marketing plan written, we can take this and merely add to it and put it into the Pinpoint template to ensures its complete, or if you don’t have one, we can write one from scratch.

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So the thing we could make together is your marketing success or business growth, and the two elements we are combining could be your skills and experience and our knowledge and experience. Is outsourcing your marketing surely the best of both worlds? Therefore, working in this hybrid way really might well be a thing in the marketing world then wouldn’t you say? …