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How to show you are an Accredited Corporate Social Responsibility Leader – guest blog by Jennifer Clark

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford

Organisations in today’s world need to demonstrate they are a responsible and ethical company that cares about society. Society is changing and organisations need to change with it or they will get left behind. The needs of the next generation are different, the availability of resources is changing and legislation and the global supply chain are becoming ever more complicated. Today, you do not even have to break the law to be trialled by social media and be adversely affected.

As a result, PR, marketing and reputation are even more important now.  Organisations need to build up trust in their brand, their products, their services and their promises.  An organisations’ values need to be living and breathing with clear and frequent examples of them and their impacts. A really positive way to improve reputation and generate positive story telling can be through an organisations corporate social responsibility, also called ‘Corporate Governance’, ‘Sustainability’ or ‘Environmental Social Governance’ (ESG).

Show you are an Accredited Corporate Social Responsibility Leader – it is now possible for organisations of all sizes to become accredited social responsibility leaders

The process of achieving a CSR Accreditation begins with your own assessment of your organisation’s activities. No matter what size your business, you submit an application based on the ‘CSR Four Pillars’. The CSR Accreditation process is a great way to pull together what you are already doing with regard to corporate social responsibility as well as help you easily report on your sustainable and community engagement. It provides a structure around four pillars of CSR which are: environment, workplace, community and philanthropy.

For companies committed to CSR, it means improved reputation, competitive advantage and an enhanced public image and relationships with staff, clients and consumers.

It is clear that firms who understand their social responsibilities and explore ways in which CSR can be built into their strategy are more likely to reap the rewards of enhanced competitive positions in the future. This will benefit not only their bottom line but all shareholders, stakeholders and society at large.

Why not become accredited to the CSR standard through the CSR Accreditation system  It will improve business efficiencies leading to cost savings, increase internal engagement, build resilience to your business and separate you from your competitors.

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