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How to save time on your content planning across all your channels without compromising quality

Content strategy

Firstly what do I mean by content?

The messaging your business puts out there via social media posts, newsletters and so on. This is your marketing speak and messaging plus your sales CTA’s. This is a lot of content and types of, and there are a lot of channels (the places you distribute these messages via) so this all needs organising. And organising it means consistency. Some call this content planning, and some call is content strategy. The channels fyi are your social media accounts, your blog, your networking speeches and so on.

Content plan?

Consistency doesn’t mean boring or not creative or being tied down. It does mean being accountable, regular, constant and it is a habit.

Increase your number of touches to reach your audience, therefore increasing exposure and opportunities to engage and sell. Raise your profile and spread your message, to the right people across the right channels.

What is a content strategy?

Content planning looks at each and every piece of content, the channels used and then regularity/frequency of communication. Write your content for the theme eg if you are an IFA one of your themes may cover pensions. What they are, why have one, the types, the pitfalls etc  

Then disseminate this content across all the channels eg the lengthiest piece/the blog will be the detail such as covering all the reasons to have one. Then break this down into a post or piece of content per reason. Then summarise these reasons and a CTA for your minute for example

Then date/schedule and diarise when it is going to be published across the month eg one or two reasons per week plus adding in stats, types of, who has pension posts etc. So it isn’t all selling, interject these posts with others on non-theme topics like market news, your personal news, seasonal and topical content etc

The benefits of this content strategy

The other way of planning it this way as opposed to posting to each channel one at a time. Working on each channel in isolation takes more time and effort.

By doing it this way, consistency will build your pipeline or funnel over time to avoid famine or feast when it comes to your sales. You will also use your time or your marketer’s time more efficiently and cost effectively. Work on content once a month as opposed to daily on a hit and miss approach. You can always add extra pieces of content as and when.

How your content fits in with in your marketing strategy and plan?

Develop and create a content plan as part of your ongoing marketing plan and strategy. The two ties in together and creating a content plan as part of a marketing plan will yield better results and successes in your marketing activity.

A strategy and plan has 7 stages:


1.      Objective Setting – setting goals and knowing your why (including competitor analysis, keyword review, market research, website review, social media profiles review and SMART goal setting)

2.      Defining the messaging – the wording used to attract your audience and understanding your niche/USP

3.      Pinpointing a strategy – this is the blue sky thinking by us before the doing which also now includes a vision board (a set of how to use the vision board instructions will be included.)

4.      Refining the target audience – your ideal client avatar, plus your prospects, leads and then your customers

5.      Developing the tactics – what marketing channels to use plus collaborations


6.      Implementing the plan – this section is split into 3 phases along with outline budgets.  Phase 1, the foundations. Phase 2, the one-off campaign and 90 day marketing activity. And phase 3, a 30-day mini marketing plan

7.      Measuring and evaluation – knowing the results then the ROI

The content plan is based upon the findings of the 5 strategy stages, then worked up in stage 6. Content planning ensures you maximise on copy you have written and produced and ticks the box of drip feed marketing. A content plan will help with your evergreen marketing by following a routine and style of content monthly, which you can then add to on an ad hoc basis.

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One customer I delivered this very same service to said – “This is just ace – exactly what I need. There is loads here that is spot on – and so clear and easy to use. Many thanks” Jo Dickie