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How to make the most of social media?

If I had a pound every time I have heard a business say that social media is a waste of time or its just people posting pictures of their dinner, then I would by lying on a sunny beach 24/7. Some of what they say though is true, but not if social media for businesses is done right.

So now you are on board with social media, which platform or platforms should you use?
Twitter is good for news and announcements, for tagging people in, for brand awareness for getting in touch with industry and media contacts.
Linkedin, my favourite, is great for networking, building relationships, getting and giving recommendations, show casing your experience and commenting/helping others. Company pages and groups are also an option.
Facebook has had a tough time in the press recently, but its following is still growing. This tool is good for b2b businesses but even better for b2c. Groups are also an excellent tool to use.
Instagram is great for hashtags and for businesses that are image based as this tool really shows off good pictures and can create a real impact.

Now for the top tips:

  • Have an up to date and professional headshot/photo
  • Regular post to the profile
  • Vary your content so it is salesy and informative, humorous, market based and topical. Posts and articles too
  • Use hashtags where relevant
  • Tag in connection you are referring to
  • Send connections requests
  • Ask for reviews and recommendations. Give them too
  • Have an eye catching bio/about us section
  • Use photos/images. Personalise images use Wordswag or Canva (make sure images are your own or royalty free)
  • Use videos

Need more help with your profiles and your all important content! Look no further!