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How to keep the excitement up when you haven’t reached your goal yet!

In this blog, I would like to touch on a few ways to help you keep up your excitement in the coming year, when you’re on your way to achieving what you want, but you haven’t reached your goal yet.
When you’re “here” (where you are) and your goal is over “there” most of us want to just immediately jump over to it and miss out completely the part in between…and impatience or despondency can creep in over time.
But the period before you get what you want – it’s REALLY important, because it’s when you’ll meet people, have experiences, it’s where you’re fine tuning your end goal, you’re tweaking it and working it out so that it’ll be a perfect fit for you. And often the goal may end up looking a little differently to what you originally thought – actually BETTER than you could have envisioned before you started.
And if moments come up where you’re thinking “I haven’t done it”, “I’m not there yet” (thoughts which don’t feel good) you can say instead “I’M ON MY WAY” (which feels better) remembering that whilst you’re on your way, you’re fine tuning your goal into your perfect fit.
This guest blog was written by Mikki Gaskell – she is a life coach and specialises in helping you get what you want.