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How to goal set for your business?

Goal setting

Firstly, a question for you. Do you see marketing as a tick box exercise that you should do because people tell you to? Maybe it is time then to set some goals, so let’s talk about goal setting!

According to the dictionary, a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort, an aim or desired result. Synonyms for a goal are objective, goal, target, desire, purpose, aim and so on. Having a positive mindset is important in life, whether it be business or personal. Knowing what you want, what you really, really want, for you and your business is key before embarking on your marketing journey.

So how can you set meaningful goals that mean something and match your business, you, your energy and that bring in an ROI (return on investment)? If your goals are not aligned, they aren’t right for you and it will be hard to make them happen for you. It’s all in the planning.

What is a goal? In Pinpoint’s mind, a goal could be:





Goals need to be SMART, which stands for:






Brainstorming time Here are my thoughts to help you get started. Spare some time to note down some thoughts for your own marketing objective or goal for your business for the months ahead … 

You can either write your goals down on paper or on your PC or get a piece of paper and draw a mind map or even create a vision board. Get everything out of your head and put everything on paper to help you move forward.

 Here are some ideas to get you started with what your goals may be:

What do you want to year in the next 12 months business wise?

How many sales in ££ do you need to make in 3 months?

How many customers do you need to have per month?

Get each customer to spend a minimum of ££ each quarter?

Launch a new product or service before the Summer?

Employ someone within the business to do a b and c by April?

Outsource tasks 1 2 and 3 every month as of next year?

Move the busines online by creating a website and social media profiles by the end of the year?

Sell the business for ££ by 5 years’ time?

Get 10% more social media followers every month from now until the Autumn?

Final tips No right or wrong – there are no right or wrong goals here, whatever is right and resonating with you and your business. Alignment is the key, as is also having a positive mindset around these goals. But make sure your goal is SMART.

Measuring – remember to measure against your goal regularly and chart your progress to see are you on the path to achieving it and then acknowledging once you have achieved it.

Putting it out there – one final tip is to share this goal once you have set it, with a business partner, your networking group, your coach/mentor/consultant or even me if you like. Why? Once shared and said out loud, you have put it out there to the Universe and stated your intentions, which makes you accountable for making it happen.

Good luck with your goal setting!