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How to get from dream to vision to real-life achievement

We are often encouraged to ‘dream big’ and, in business, it pays to have a mission or vision which you and your team can aspire to. But is a dream unreachable, by definition? What actions need to be taken to move from an aspiration to reality? Read on to find out more about my experiences in helping people to do just that.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them (Walt Disney)

If ever there was an authority on making dreams come true, Disney was it. And still is for many. But, in the cold, hard business world, we need a little more than courage. We need action.

Courage, however, isn’t a bad place to start. Choose a dream – something you’d really love to achieve but which may seem unreachable right now. Use your courage to let go of any constraints (including your current reality) and try to vision yourself achieving that dream.

By letting go and being willing to allow this vision to build in your mind, you are starting the valuable journey towards breaking your dream down into smaller steps, or details, which may well feel more achievable.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Belief is more powerful than you might think. As you begin to see yourself living your dream, your brain is able to start seeing it as an actual experience. This immediately brings it closer to reality. Our fears, doubts, lack of confidence, perceived barriers are all things which come together to make us doubt our dreams.

But these things can be turned on their head and made to be useful. Write them down. And then spend some time writing down why they are not true; why they can be overcome (not how, that comes later). The act of writing just made your dream move another step closer to reality.

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it (Goethe)

Now it’s time for action planning. Don’t try to move too far into the future with this. Take small steps, starting where you are now and identifying something, anything, you could do which would move you closer to your dream. By making these actions, or steps, small you are more likely to achieve them and, eventually, the momentum you will gain will give you added incentive to keep working towards what you want.

I worked for 18 years in the corporate HR world. I intended to apply for HR Director roles and saw this as the pinnacle of my career – my dream. One day, though, I suddenly had a realisation that I wanted to run my own coaching and training business. Seemingly from nowhere, my dream changed. The opportunity for redundancy came up and I knew it was my first small step. I took it. I spent the best part of my first year in business addressing my insecurities, fears and doubts but I pressed on, one small step at a time, always believing I could do it. And I did.

This is a guest blog from Emma Canter, Mind Values Leadership

Emma Canter is an experienced and authentic coach whose belief in being committed to values and looking after your mindset underpins everything she does. She’s been running Mind Values Leadership for five years and loves working with teams and leaders on the importance of leading through authenticity, values and from the heart. Emma can be contacted by email or 07973 151033 or you can visit to find out more about her work.

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