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How to find the right marketing consultant for you?

How to choose the right consultant

Ask your network, right? Simple. But what if you don’t go networking? (an alien concept to one as I have regularly networked for years and hence, I have someone I can call upon for clients and myself in all business scenarios and skills). Or are there more questions you should asking and more boxes to tick to check you are outsourcing to and entrusting the right person for you and your business? Read our latest blog for our tips on what to consider and what to ask.

A long way back before I set up Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd, I have worked in marketing agencies and also internally in Comms and marketing departments, so I have been both the client and the agent. Therefore I think I am able to answer this blog’s question of how to choose the right marketing consultant.

  1. Charisma – do you get on with the person? You don’t have to be best friends but being personable and being able to open up honestly will be a good thing for a business relationship and for them to give you answers to your pain points. Do they share your values and styles of working and operating?
  2. Experience – have they worked in your industry before? This isn’t vital as they can learn but you may feel it relevant to ask. Have they also worked with a company of your size and market before? Do they currently have a client doing what you do as this may cause a conflict of interest?
  3. Promise – what is the consultant promising to do for you? Can they live up to this with their experience, time and budget? Do they have testimonials and case studies that back up what they do and how good they are at doing this?
  4. Location – this may or may not be important to you if they are down the road or miles away, but consider it anyway
  5. Recommended – are they well known in your network or circle of business colleagues and associates? Do they have a good reputation, and do they come recommended?
  6. Price – what do they charge? You may have a budget to stick to, but cheap isn’t always good. Be wary if something sounds too cheap to be true
  7. Innovative – how do they work? Are they traditional in their approach or do they have fresh ideas and innovative ways of doing things? Will they educate you and bring change to the table?
  8. Caring – do they care about you are your business? Do they want you to succeed? Are they willing and keen to support you? Do they operate ethically?

I hope these tips are useful and if you want to know how to choose the right marketing consultant. If you are look for one, then I hope Pinpoint ticks all of the above boxes. We would love a chat with you about your business if we can be of value to you sometime.