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How to engage your customers?

Engage with your audience

So, you have set up a sign-up form on mail chimp or your equivalent software (but if you haven’t then please ask me how) and you have emailed this out to your current database.

Some of your database and contacts will re sign-up again and that’s great. But don’t despair if not everyone re signs up. They won’t and this is fine and ok. To me, it is better to have 100 contacts signed up that all read, click and engage in your content rather than 500 but only 100 read on. It is easy to get obsessed by the numbers though.

With GDPR just around the corner (which I assume is the reason you have/are asking customers to re sign-up), what are your options on how to communicate with and hopefully engage those who don’t respond to your email sign up request?

  • Firstly, try and be positive about this. See this as an excuse to get in touch with them by phone or a meeting to engage them and catch up. Great excuse!  By making these calls you never know where this may lead!
  • You could implement a telemarketing campaign to touch base and catch up.
  • You could find and follow the contacts on your various social media profiles to keep connected. Then you could message them as well as posting general content to them and everyone else.
  • You could invite them to a meeting or networking event you are attending.

Basically, all is not lost!

With Valentine’s day around the corner, its time to get engaged with your customers and contacts!

Ask Pinpoint Marketing for advice on GDPR and your marketing campaigns for 2018.