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How marketing can change your business?

Marketing success

What is marketing and what can marketing do for you?

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.

If you are looking for growth in your business, with consistency, with processes, with accountability for all involved and with streamlined methods to manage time and budget better?

If you need skills or resource gap plugging, marketing wise? Or perhaps a solution to bridge the gap between little or no marketing currently before needing to recruit a full on marketing department?

Market research and marketing

These two things are a fundamental part of marketing. Market research allows companies to establish trends in the current market and to help a business to react to current trends. Therefore if the research is done right it can help a company make money.  Marketing can be a real asset for a company as they can help detect different market trends and help companies respond to them.

Who needs marketing?

The answer to this is everyone. Every company needs marketing to an extent, whether it be a one off or whether it is regular thing. Marketing is overlooked by many companies as they think it isn’t necessary, then consequently only factor a small budget for marketing. In addition, people may think that marketing is easy and that they don’t need any help, marketing is more complicated than you think, as if it is done incorrectly it could cost a business but if done correctly it can help a company get ahead of the trends and capitalise when they occur.

Needing an expert, it isn’t a sign of weakness to ask for help.

Two quotes Pinpoint has received echoes the benefits marketing can bring … “Nicole quickly understood our business and has been a delight to work with”     

“The extensive plan has been amazing, the content and your attention to detail fabulous delivered in a very professional and clear way that now I can go forward to plan my business”

Business owners turn to Pinpoint Marketing for a variety of reasons, mainly when their current marketing simply isn’t working for them. Or when the business wants to grow but isn’t sure what marketing to implement. Or when the owner wants everything out of their head and intro a formulated plan. Or often when there is a lack of consistency or results or skills.

To deliver against these needs, issues and challenges, Pinpoint writes marketing strategies and plans, implements these with retainer or outsourced marketing services, management with our network and we carry out marketing audits/health checks before this planning and hands on work gets started.

Business success 

Business success can be down to a number of things whether the company is driven or it has a marketing team. There are two peoples of people in the world, people who believe everything happens due to luck or fate or they people who believe things happen due to there hard work. People who do the hard work are more likely to succeed. For example, if your company needs a new marketing team, the person who works had will go out and find a new team, once they have found them there business will change as they are more organised. But if you are the person who believes someone will just come along and fix everything your business is more likely to fail.

“Success isn’t always about greatness, its about consistent hard work leads to success, greatness will come”- Dwayne Johnson

Over a 12 month period as example for us to demonstrate this, Pinpoint has delivered these results from 2023 to today:

  • 42% increase in revenue
  • 59% increase in website users and 20 secs more engagement time
  • 66% increase in LinkedIn connection
  • Plus an increased number of leads, from a growing number of lead sources as well as increased results from networking in terms of lead
  • Plus an increase in database subscribers/sign-ups, improved number of LinkedIn profile views, SSI score and company page followers

Pinpoint Marketing is the go-to marketing planning and strategy expert for SME’s in the professional services space.

We make improvements and changes for the better, we take action, we get results and we get Marketing done!

Marketing tailored to you, to your business, to your team and current resource, and bespoke to YOUR needs

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