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Having celebrated 10 years, what lessons have been learnt?

As you may know, Pinpoint Marketing (and me, Nicole), celebrated 10 years of trading back in May of this year. This is something I am very proud of.

It hasn’t all been easy and plain sailing and there were times in the early days that I thought about getting a job. But, as I am a determined women and because I wanted to get away from the corporate world and work with small businesses to offer “proper” marketing, I never gave up.

I have worked in all sorts of markets, during the day and weekends/evenings and made mistakes. I have also had many successes and learnt an awful lot.  I have also understood the possibility of the elusive work life balance whilst being self employed. I now also respect the fact that if I don’t get the work in or do it, it won’t get done unless I ask for help, paid or otherwise.  Self employment can be the harder option for sure, but then the results and the wins, is all yours!

So what or who has helped me? I cannot make a list of people as it would crash the website, but in general, areas that have helped and supported me are:

  • friends and family
  • the Athena network – for training, support, new business and advice
  • clients who took a chance on me initially
  • training courses and social media pages
  • business books and programmes

As with everthing, lessons are always learned when doing something new or something out of your comfort zone. Lessons I particularly recall are:

  • you cannot be all things to all people
  • be honest and know your limits eg don’t overpromise and then under deliver
  • grow and learn and take on different viewpoints
  • outsource what you cannot do or things that you alway put off
  • experiment, try and track
  • review, review and review …

So that has been my last 10 years in a very short summary. Here is to the next 10 …

Thank you to everyone who has been on this rollercoaster with me.