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Has your database taken a recent hit? It’s ok, but what next?

Firstly, all is not lost, but it may be a case of needing to be more savvy and clever with your marketing campaigns.

Regarding the database you have, if some haven’t given consent and if you haven’t deleted it yet, there is the possibility of keeping and using some of the data under the guide of “legitimate interest”. Please ask me for details or seek guidance online from the ICO.

So, what else can you do?

  • Get more sign-ups to your database and bring in new blood. How? Set up a sign-up form in Mailchimp. This will generate a url. Use this url on your social media pages, email signature, distribute this at networking events and so on
  • Use trade and industry publications to send solus/emails on your behalf. You design and write the email and they send it as a third party to their database
  • You can buy in data. Be careful with this option and make sure you are clear on what data you would be getting and how you can use it.
  • Use telemarketing (again with a reputable agency) to build and validate a database. Pinpoint Marketing can recommend options for you.
  • Get out there and starting networking or go to more networking events. This can be done face to face with excellent groups like Athena as well as by joining Facebook and Linkedin groups
  • Work on your Social media activity – use Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin to connect with your old or current database. Send connection requests or follow them and use this route to make contact through posts, messages and so on
    • Make sure you also keep up your content and regular posting to keep you front of mind to your potential customers and prospects
    • Also ensure this content is rich, engaging, enticing and include keywords and clear calls to action
    • Consider ads and boosts of posts to attract more attention and get more sign-ups

These are just a few ideas and this list is by no means exhaustive. If you need more advice or have any questions, just get in touch.