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What does marketing mean to you?

Marketing Guides and Templates

Learn how to it for yourself using Pinpoint Marketing’s experience. These marketing guides and templates have created by us just for you and they cover what marketing means to me and what marketing means to you. These marketing documents will help you manage and also set-up your own marketing using the downloadable information and advice. We aim to add value to your business and educate you marketing wise with these marketing and business guides and templates.

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Guides £15 each

(£10 for Athena members/ SBS winners)

Templates £25 each

(£20 for Athena members/ SBS winners)

Going Online

A checklist guide to getting and marketing your business online or transitioning from an offline to an online service based business

Ideal client avatar

A template to download to help you work out who is your target audience/s or your ICA

Which Marketing channels to use

A checklist guide to work out which channel/s to use to suit your b2b based business and your ideal target audience

Marketing Consistency

A template to download to help you to get consistency with your marketing and to remain focused and on track by planning your content across all your marketing channels

How to write a Marketing Plan

A checklist guide with tips on the sections to include what to include in a marketing plan for your service based business, step by step and how to get consistency

Measuring your Marketing

A template to download to help you make the most of your budget and efforts by measuring your ROI

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