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Ghosting in sales and marketing

ghosting in business

Ghosting in business

Ghosting is a relatively new term that refers to “abruptly cutting off contact with someone without giving that person any warning or explanation for doing so. Even when the person being ghosted reaches out to re-initiate contact or gain closure, they’re met with silence.”

I believe this was originally a term used in dating, but it now seems to have crept into the business world too. I myself as a marketer/business owner has experienced this recently and a lot of my colleagues, clients and suppliers have/are experiencing this. So if you are, then you are not alone, and remember it is probably nothing personal. But that said, what can we try and do about it so we remain upbeat, in charge and remaining on track with our lead gen and sales goals and targets?

What can you do about being ghosted by your leads and prospects?

How can you use your marketing to try and counteract this?

Here are some ways you can try and combat ghosting when it comes to non-responses and moving your prospects/nurturing your leads through the customer journey or sales process from intro to sale.

  • Make LinkedIn connections with your leads and prospects and send personalised messages when connecting or when keeping in touch if they are an existing connections – be sensitive though as you don’t know what they may be going through and don’t be OTT or too constant. There is a fine line between persistence and being too much
  • Pick up the phone – check in and say hi. Again noting the above mindful tone, but you can often find a lot of nuggets or quicker updates vis the phone than an email
  • Ask for a coffee and catch up – use the personal touch and they may open up/chat more away from the office as to what’s been going on or what the hold up might be
  • Send a personalised email with an interesting link they will appreciate to show you are thinking of them and that you know them/remember their interests or a past conversations
  • Ask if you can solve a short-term problem of theirs, that may lead to them needing you/solving the longer-term issue they approached you for in the first place
  • Put valid from/only valid for dates on your proposals, which gives you a chance to chase
  • Include testimonials and case studies in your marketing comms to give reassurance that you are trusted and reliable as a potential supplier or client 
  • Send something in the post like a small gift like chocolates or a tea bag saying let’s have a cuppa or a card or something memorable and relevant. We all like a surprise in the post don’t we?

Ghosting in business tips

Essentially, we need to show case our credibility and experience as a business to our prospects to help combat any uncertainty which may be the reason for any ghosting. And easy to say, but personalise and be patient and chase, but not too much.
They are probably busy or have things going on or they are hesitant to spend out. Weigh up the time you are spending on chasing leads and stop if it’s persistently wasting your time. Yet stay positive as it’s not a no yet at this stage.