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Desperately seeking Sarah – the wrong film title or does this sounds like you looking for your ideal client?

ideal client

Have you ever been asked “Who is the ideal person I can introduce you to?” I ask this a lot when networking or working with new clients and I have been asked it myself too. If you have been asked, what’s your answer? If it is anyone and everyone, then you need to think again, and this blog will help you to do so. Yes, anyone and everyone may want to buy your product or service in theory, but how are you going to market to everyone? This will take you forever and cost ££££’s!

So how can you find your ideal client? It sounds simple but walk in their shoes, empathise with them, understand their pain points and get to know them. When I say get to know them, here are some things to think about:

What do they read? What TV or radio do they listen to? What brands do they like? Where do they socialise? Are they married, single, divorced? Do they have children? What do they do for a living? What market or sector do they work in? How old are they? Where do they live? What values do they have? What is stressing them out or upsetting them whether it be work or business or finance, health, personal or family related? You can even name them, draw them or visualise them!

Here is an example

Like me, are you looking for “Nicky”? – a married, working mum aged 35 to 55 who runs her own business in the B2B sector. She may have 1 or 2 staff members or freelancers/suppliers she uses regularly. She had a corporate career but decided to become self-employed. The family is financially stable, but things could be better. She is healthy, does some exercise and is image conscious. She can be a worrier, but she is determined and willing. She is friendly and outgoing with a good work/life balance. She is a busy mum, and she is hard working but has concerns her current way of marketing isn’t bringing in enough sales and leads, but she doesn’t know what to do or change to make this happen. She feels the marketing is over the place with no consistency. She wants to be authentic so is willing to outsource but also to be involved.

I know I/Pinpoint Marketing can help them by creating a marketing planning and strategy. This will give Nicky structure, something to follow and measure and will help her build the foundations of her business up, step by step. And eventually bring in more leads and sales from various marketing channels. This plan can be done between her and the consultant, working together.

TOP TIP – it is worth saying that once you have defined your target audience or ideal client, this can change, and it isn’t set in stone. If you get a lead from someone who isn’t who you had in mind, you don’t automatically have to say no, or yes.

Why do this exercise?

The more you know about “Susan” or your ideal client, the easier it will be to determine what to say to her in your marketing that will resonate with her and also when, where and how to market to her so she sees it and engages! And when you know what her pain points are, you can provide the solution with your product or service. That put simply, is what marketing is!

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TOP TIP – remember that once you made initial contact or had an initial enquiry, this is where it all starts, not ends!

Get to know the client (no hard selling!), start to build a relationship, nurture this relationship, keep in touch (without bombarding them and as long as you have permission) and follow up/measure any activity and interaction. Then amend, repeat what worked well, amend what didn’t and go again … If something you try marketing wise doesn’t work out first time, that’s ok. Review it, reset and try again.

So, who is your ideal client? Who can introduce you to them? And where can you find these people or groups? …

And if you are a Nicky or know of one, do show them this blog and suggest they get in touch with Pinpoint!