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Content is king!

One of my favourite memes online at the moment is the one where the person asks a women what its like to be busy and she replies that her brain is like having hundreds of tabs open like on a lap top but all the time!

So using this analogy, how can you get your customers to open the right tab?

Research says we may see up to 20,000 messages each day and your marketing messages are amongst this 20,000.

How can you get your messages through all this busyness?

I promise that I can help you by creating content that will get noticed and that will grab the attention over all the other messages or tabs! These new look posts will be specific! They will include all the right news, #, images and all the core messages that will lead to the results you want!  They will tell the customer exactly want you want them to do and in general they will do it.

Pinpoint Marketing would like to hear from you if want to close down some of your tabs and start posting social media content that brings in results!


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