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Consistency – why bother with it! Here is why …

marketing consistency

Consistency is probably one of my most frequently used words in my marketing messaging this year, and in past years too!

What do these statements all have in common?

  • The regular selection of the same optimum players for a football team
  • Learning to drive with the same instructor for every lesson
  • Revising the same topics over and over again for a test

They are all examples of CONSISTENCY!

Examples of being marketing consistent

Business example wise, examples of consistency in your marketing could be regularly post of social media content, or attending a networking group regularly and sending out direct mail or email marketing on a regular basis, and following up.

Find other examples here

What is consistency?

CONSISTENCY is – the ability to replicate a process or activity with the same level of quality over and over again. Would you agree?

CONSISTENCY doesn’t mean boring or not creative or being tied down though. It does however mean being accountable, regular, constant and it is a habit.

Why get organised in your business and being marketing consistent?

  • Remove the chaos and overwhelm, by having a plan and course of action to follow
  • Better manage your time, by knowing what you are doing, when and
  • also why. Create yourself a routine
  • Build your marketing over time, slowly but surely
  • Increase your number of touches to reach your audience, therefore
  • increasing exposure and opportunities to engage and sell
  • Raise your profile and spread your message, to the right people across the
  • right channels
  • Ensure regularity by drip feeding your message. Belt and braces approach
  • Give your marketing some clarity. Know your why
  • Consistency will build your pipeline or funnel over time to avoid famine
  • or feast when it comes to your sales

Consistency in your marketing strategy and plan

In Pinpoint Marketing’s opinion, growth is all down to planning. As a business owner you need to know your strategy. Then you can start to write and create your marketing plan. Marketing shouldn’t be seen as a tick box exercise and it is important to know your business why and to know the purpose of your marketing. Pinpoint feels the majority of your successes will be down to careful planning, therefore giving your business time and attention via such a plan is the way forward. The benefits of a plan will help you get organised, be logical and build foundations. A plan will save you time and money, but remember that a marketing plan is different to a business plan.

If goals or objectives for a company’s marketing activities haven’t been set or considered, then how can the business owner decide if it has achieved what it set out to do? As they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Without reviewing marketing campaigns in terms of what worked and what didn’t, how do you therefore know where to spend your future time and budget? By having a marketing plan implemented into your business and by tracking this plan, you and your business will see a real benefit to your small business successes.

Marketing strategies aim to be resilient, subject to change and reactive to the market place and your customers. Such a strategy and planning document can cover any time period, depending on your goals.

Drive business and revenue growth and achieve your marketing objectives with a marketing strategy, tactical plan and marketing roadmap. Plus build your brand and credibility too.

Consistency in motion, in practice

Have you heard of the domino effect? (No, not too much pizza at the weekend) but as Wikipedia says – the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. It typically refers to a linked sequence of events where the time between successive events is relatively small.

I like to think Pinpoint Marketing and I provide such an effect for our clients when we work with them to implement and execute the marketing plan we have created for them. By working with us to deliver the strategy and plan, we hold the business owner and team’s hand, we ensure consistency, accountability and ROI and we oversee the marketing to ensure smooth delivery and ongoing progress being made. Therefore starting the chain reaction (but we are no Diana Ross!) of successive marketing based activity in a timely and prompt way.

Be marketing consistent or marketing regularly. Don’t be despondent

It can be easy to do all the word, show up, post regularly, be present online and not see results instantly. This is normal and this is ok, but do keep going. Marketing, online and offline, can take months to take effect and to make an impact. So be persistent, have faith and be consistent. Trust the process not rush the process as the saying goes …

And finally …

Commit to it. Give it time and be patient and positive.

New habits take time to implement and make happen. And remembering that Marketing isn’t a magic wand