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Consistency is king … and clarity is queen


I must say the word consistency a hundred times a week when talking to clients and colleagues and when networking.

What does marketing consistency look like?

Why strive for consistency?

What are the benefits of being consistent in your business? …

The benefits of consistency in your business

Being consistent will help you and the business avoid a famine or feast style approach to your marketing activity and sales funnel.

What does consistency look like?

Once you have written a marketing strategy and plan and have worked out what you want to say and to whom, you will chose the marketing channels to disseminate this message to said target audience. This output of messaging and marketing activity will need to be with regularity and by drip feeding. This is consistency!

Consistency is the ability to replicate a process or activity with the same level of quality over and over again. Consistency doesn’t mean boring or not creative or being tied down, but it does mean being accountable, regular and constant.

How does consistency help?

Consistency in your marketing effort stops you going from one idea to another, therefore saving you time, budget and resource. It also enables you to:

  • Be more professional with your marketing (creating the right first impression, impress and yield the benefits)
  • Ensure you use all the relevant marketing channels including digital and social media eg be seen and raise your profile and followers
  • Remove the chaos and overwhelm, by having a plan and course of action to follow
  • Better managing your time, by knowing what you are doing, when and also why
  • Creates yourself a routine for marketing
  • Building your marketing over time, slowly but surely
  • Increasing your number of touches to reach your audience, therefore increasing exposure and opportunities to engage and sell
  • Raising your profile and spreading your message, to the right people across the right channels

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson.

Achieving marketing consistency

Do you want to grow your business with capacity and also capability?

Do you need your marketing to be consistent but without you being bogged down with the day to day detail?

Are you limited on time to manage/oversee your businesses marketing yourself?

Would you like your marketing/team set up, well organised and proactive?

Do you need signposting to the right marketing suppliers and support?

Could your business benefit from a part time marketing manager, interim marketing director and/or an outsourced marketing team? Pinpoint can help with all of this

Need help with your consistency in marketing? Look here

“Thank you so much for my comprehensive marketing plan. I have been really impressed by your service from first contact with Nicole and my meeting with her. The plan is easy to follow, in manageable chunks and, whilst I can implement this plan on my own, there are estimated costs for Pinpoint to help me further.”

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