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Commercial Photography – The Benefits. Guest blog from Michaela Greene

Commercial photography is an area where images are captured to sell or market a business, product or person. The photographs will be used on websites, for packaging, marketing material, billboards, annual reports and leaflets. The areas a commercial photographer may shoot in are for products, people, aerial, events, architectural, food and fashion photography.

One of the main abilities a commercial photographer needs to undertake is in correctly understanding the brief, the business and the vision, in order to take photographs that promote a business in the right way.

Companies can always turn to photo libraries or attempt to do the photography themselves. However can you always find the appropriate images in photos libraries to convey the right message? Does it show your business in a professional light, by using photos you have done yourselves? There is an initial investment in employing a commercial photographer, but for the reasons below this can be of great benefit to a companies profile and profits.

Strong images go towards creating that important first impression, whether it is to evoke the kind of feelings you need to draw customers in, or to depict your product at its best.

Portraits on a website enable customers to get to know the team who is selling to them or providing a service.

A strong set of photographs really shows customers what you have to offer, rather than just describing in words.

It also creates a professional message for your business which in turn brings in clients and promotes sales. Low quality, unprofessional photos will communicate the same message about your business.

Commissioned photos are important in order to highlight what is unique about your business and to express the right feel which will tie in with brand identity.

Having photographs on your website, provides the opportunity for them to be optimized, which creates a better chance for your website to be found. Also the visual engagement, will hopefully keep customers longer on the web pages.

What better way to show how a company operates or product in use, than to photograph it in action in a dynamic, documentary way.

In conclusion professional commercial photographs will enable personality and individuality to be expressed, as well as creating the kind of impact that will engage customers to buy your products or use your services.

Michaela Greene – Commercial Photographer