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Clouds and bubble and brains and blue sky thinking – what does it all mean to you?

Brainstorming your marketing

The skies are blue, well they are as I write this, so is it time for some blue sky thinking for you and your business?

According to – Blue-sky thinking refers to ideas that are not limited by the current beliefs or norms of a group or society. Blue-sky thinking can be ideas that are creative or whimsical and maybe even bizarre. Such thinking might lead to just the solution you need.

“I’m a ‘blue sky thinker’ and dream big.” –  Hilary Knight

Blue sky, brainstorming, cloud thinking? ….

Marketing – why think in a blue sky type of way?

How can this way of thinking help?

Use your thinking for brainstorming. Brainstorming is – a technique used to solve problems and encourage creativity in which members of a group share their ideas about a subject.

It is unrestrained and free

Anything is possible

It’s big and bold

Seeing the bigger picture can help you break things down into smaller pieces of info or smaller steps to take

It helps come up with solutions to problems, helps you when you and/or the business is at a crossroad, helps for the interim and long term.

And much more …

“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” – Confucius

What questions should you ask of yourself when brainstorming?

What is working?

What isn’t?

Where are my successes or leads coming from?

What is the market doing?

What are my customers thinking and doing?

What are my competitors doing?

What can I control?

What can I do to fix the issues? And what do I need to outsource or get help with?

These are just a few examples, and depending on who you are asking and what you want to know/get out of/understand from such thinking, particular and additional questions to add in will vary.

Who can I brainstorm with?

Having an outsider’s point of view and perspective can be so useful when looking into things, reviewing and auditing. They offer a fresh pair of eyes and they are not biased and in too deep and they can be objective. Read our highs and lows of outsourcing blog

Using an expert in their field will add knowledge, experience and proven solutions too.

What do I do with my findings?

The market and business is tough out there. Let’s not be doom and gloom about it but let’s be proactive. Lets help ourselves and make good of it all etc.

So what can you do?

  • Keep your marketing going for consistency but also to keep up with or ahead of your competition
  • Build your sales pipeline, keep adding people in
  • Research – what is happening out there, what is working and what isn’t
    • Market research on the marketplace and in your industryCompetitor research
    • Research your own business and review it
      • Website, socials etc
      • What do your customers think? Your lapsed ones, current ones. What to ask them, what to look for in the responses, gauge the mood out there etc
  • Then use this research and findings to make changes and improvements – what and how
  • We can subtly refer to our planning and strategy and interviewing/research services etc too with links etc

You can use the knowledge gained and research found as part of your overall marketing strategy and plan.

And you can use the findings as marketing content and messaging as well as using the key findings to target new customers, create niche areas to sell to and soooo much more.

Do you need help with blue sky thinking?

A Marketing audit?

A marketing audit from Pinpoint Marketing will enable you as the business or practice owner to see where the business is situation wise, determine where you want to go with goals, a reason and purpose and work out how you can get there using marketing.

Tara Hopkins, founder of HR by Tara, says, “I met Nicole from Pinpoint when I first started my

business. I instantly appreciated her approach. We had many conversations, sharing our experiences

of running a small business. Initially, we experimented with marketing, trying different things to see

what worked. However, by the end of 2023, we knew we needed a plan. Nicole’s insightful questions

helped her understand our business and challenge us to think strategically. The resulting Marketing

Audit Service Report summarised our current situation and offered clear next steps. This will be

instrumental in prioritising, planning for consistency and clear messaging, and hopefully with Nicole’s

continued support, achieve even greater success.”

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