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Personal branding

Personal Branding Photography

What is Personal Branding Photography? Is it just a headshot?  Is it photos of my products?  Well yes, and yes, and an awful lot more.  Personal branding photography is a relatively new genre that has arisen with the growth of Instagram and the daily bombardment of imagery that is all… Read More »Personal Branding Photography

Shoes and marketing support

When it comes to marketing support, I practice what I preach, or at least try to in the main, regarding helping and offering marketing support to my clients, co-workers and networks. And, I’ve been in your shoes! Marketing support So what do I mean by this. I have set up… Read More »Shoes and marketing support

Wearing red

When we get dressed, do we choose the colours we like, or do we choose the colours that like us? Each of us has a unique skin tone, either yellow or blue based. That is what determines our season and so which colours suit us, which colours help us look… Read More »Wearing red