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Outsourced marketing director

Outsourcing your marketing

In or Out? – the highs and lows of outsourcing your marketing …

Peter Drucker – “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Last year we ran two polls about the biggest challenges you have business wise, and the core goals you have. The biggest challenge for 58% of you is needing more leads. Followed by knowing who to target then needing to improve sales then upselling… Read more

lead generation

The who of generating leads

What can we influence and what can we control? As business owners and me/you as a marketer? Or in another way, who is generating leads for your business? And can you control this
When working with clients like you, I can work with you on your marketing campaigns for example to influence your end users/customers… Read more

Outsourcing your marketing

Outsource or Inhouse?

Are you in or out? Or a hybrid of both? …

Do you want to grow your business with capacity and also capability?

Do you need consistency in your business but without you being bogged down with the day to day detail?

Are you limited on time to manage/oversee your business yourself eg there are not enough hours… Read more

Pinpoint Marketing

It’s all about me? (and you, and my family! It’s all about us!) …

Benjamin Franklin once said that “if you want something done, ask a busy person.”
Sounds familiar to me! Does it to you? The reason behind this quote apparently is because the busier we are, the better we manage our time. And the reason goes on to explain that busy people are able to get more… Read more

Marketing reviews on your business

Pinpoint Marketing’s review of 2022

Without sounding really old, where the bleep did 2022 go?

So how was your business year?

Do you take or have you taken time out to review the business and what went well and what didn’t, so you can carry anything good over into 2023 and leave any crappy behind in 2022? I certainly do and find it a useful exercise… Read more


Are you guilty of being a one hit wonder?

Anyone else thinking of Chesney Hawkes when I say this? (or am I showing my age? And apologies if I am the one and only is now an ear worm for you for the rest of the day).

If you have gone to your first networking event or sent your first newsletter, what next? Are you done and can put your feet up? No! For consistency… Read more