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Measuring your marketing

Value adding

Measuring your marketing – for consistency and to add value

This recent blog from Pinpoint Marketing will look at what to measure, why, what it will show and the benefits. And also about consistency and adding value.

Consistency in your marketing

Being consistent will help you and the business avoid a famine or feast style approach to your marketing activity… Read more


Consistency is king … and clarity is queen

I must say the word consistency a hundred times a week when talking to clients and colleagues and when networking.

What does marketing consistency look like?

Why strive for consistency?

What are the benefits of being consistent in your business? …

The benefits of consistency in your business

Being … Read more

Measuring your marketing

Measuring your marketing, for good measure

What marketing to measure

As in the stats, the analytics, the numbers, such figures to included when measuring your marketing are:

  • Google Analytics (users, sessions, hand time on pages, keywords used to find the site, bounce rate, sources of traffic to the site, which pages are popular and which are
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