Marketing strategy

Why bother with a Marketing Plan?

Often clients of mine or business owners I talk to think that Marketing is a magic wand eg with some effort and some pizzazz, great results will happen.  Sadly this isn’t the case.  Marketing requires thinking about, planning, implementing and measuring. I always advise businesses to see marketing as the… Read More »Why bother with a Marketing Plan?

Who doesn’t love a bit of recycling! (of the content variety!)

No, Pinpoint Marketing hasn’t diversified into recycling. But we do understand that none of us like wasting time, money or precious resources, as small business owners. Plan your content! Recycle your content! Make sure your marketing messaging is consistent across all social media, all marketing and all collateral! Start by… Read More »Who doesn’t love a bit of recycling! (of the content variety!)

Engage with your audience

How to engage your customers?

So, you have set up a sign-up form on mail chimp or your equivalent software (but if you haven’t then please ask me how) and you have emailed this out to your current database. Some of your database and contacts will re sign-up again and that’s great. But don’t despair… Read More »How to engage your customers?