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SMART goal setting

I’m sure like me, all you have heard about this last few days is setting resolutions, setting goals and making plans! For me, I love planning ahead and brainstorming, but I appreciate this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Richard Branson, who knows a thing or two about success, says he… Read More »SMART goal setting

Who doesn’t love a bit of recycling! (of the content variety!)

No, Pinpoint Marketing hasn’t diversified into recycling. But we do understand that none of us like wasting time, money or precious resources, as small business owners. Plan your content! Recycle your content! Make sure your marketing messaging is consistent across all social media, all marketing and all collateral! Start by… Read More »Who doesn’t love a bit of recycling! (of the content variety!)

Always remember to plan ahead when it comes to marketing

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Pinpoint Marketing has created these documents to give you more background on Marketing, what to do and how to do it. Marketing Handbook Marketing and the Law