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6 tips to check your homemade logo is up to the job

Have you designed your own logo?

It’s great that you’ve taken the initiative and had a go – well done! I know how hard it must have been for you to come up with the right look and feel. But is it up to the job and do you have all the elements you need for a great-looking brand that reflects your business and resonates… Read more

Why should I have ideal clients?

Defining who your ideal customer is can feel counterintuitive because limiting potential audiences sounds bad, right? Actually the opposite holds true. If you run a business – small or large – you can’t be the ‘the perfect solution’ to every single problem. So focusing in on the right … Read more

Wearing red

When we get dressed, do we choose the colours we like, or do we choose the colours that like us?

Each of us has a unique skin tone, either yellow or blue based. That is what determines our season and so which colours suit us, which colours help us look at our best. When we know we look at our best, we feel and behave… Read more

How to brief a graphic designer – guest blog

Over the years of running my own business the briefs I have received have come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from a few lines on an email through to a 10 page in depth business analysis on what the client is looking for. If the brief I receive is only a few short lines I have to go back to the client with… Read more

The what and how of communication?

This current time of change has got me thinking about communication. In particular, I have been reading and hearing comments in the media about how we are all communicating and how we are being communicated to, with good and bad examples. Mark Twain said, “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare… Read more

Knowing your why, in theory and in reality!

We all have our reasons why we became self employed or why we chose our career path, which is our why? So what is yours?

I have a few whys. 1 was initially to try and achieve the elusive work life balance whilst raising a young family which I could then work around around. Some days and weeks I achieve this and… Read more

Niki Hall

What is personal branding? – guest blog from Niki of The Style Hall

What is personal branding? Personal branding is what makes you unique, the brand you create for yourself and how others perceive you. Creating the right personal brand for you will maximise your potential and ensure others will see you in the way you wish to be perceived.

So how can you get started? Read more