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Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

According to the online dictionary I used, the word or concept of “entrepreneur” means “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit” and the synonyms include businessman and businesswoman.

So can anyone be an entrepreneur? Are you one?

As a businesswoman myself, so I guess an entrepreneur (although for some reason I don’t often refer to myself as this! I mainly use the term business owner or small business) I have recently been learning about the world of business to empower and improve myself and I have been getting motivated by listening to podcasts from Karren Brady and Paul McKenna and the subject of being an entrepreneur or entrepreneurialism has come up a lot.

Our brains have a left and a right sides. The left side is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. The left also performs tasks that have to do with logic and the right performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts.

So are all entrepreneurs creative only?

Is the typical or average entrepreneur reliant on their right side then? A lot of what I heard and read seems that the average entrepreneur is creative on their ideas, visualisation and so on but they don’t do detail. They use others/teams who are more left sided to make things happen like the strategy, the processes and so on. It makes sense to play to ones strengths.

This is of course just an observation and I’m sure there are many business woman and men who can and will be able to manage both. I think I am both in parts, but my predominant side is the left, logical side.

So when I say entrepreneur, who do you think of? Simon Cowell, Lord Sugar and Theo Paphitis? Jo Malone, Karren Brady and Kelly Hoppen? They may well call themselves shop keepers or TV execs or chair woman but essentially they all show and share the entrepreneurialism traits.

Listening to the podcasts I mentioned, other personality traits also seem to be shared by such business people and these include focus and determination, positive, driven and bright. They listen to others and take advice but don’t get put off or knocked back. They are go getters and the business world needs such people with such traits. Interestingly, I don’t think they are very money driven either. Money is the result yes, but not the why or the main reason they do what they do.

Entrepreneurs can work solo but also in teams. They make things happen using their teams, their ambition and their experience. After all we cannot be good at everything even if we are business owners/self employed so why not admit that and use others to help and support us and learn from.

How would you describe yourself? Is entrepreneur an overused word or one that should be used more?

Hope you enjoyed reading this …