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Business vision boards – visually growing your business

Whether your business is large or small, established or brand new, I will bet that you have goals and targets in mind already. Things you would like to achieve within your business.  There will be targets that include finances but also other things like the environment you work in, whether or not you will have staff members, how many customers you would like and perhaps even what you see this business doing for you in your personal life. You may also have sales targets as well as where you work and growing your business.

Introducing business vision boards

An easy way to represent these goals and targets is a personalised digital Vision Board. Business Vision Boards are not a new concept, but they are a little misunderstood.

If you say the word “Manifesting” there are some folk who might roll their eyes and laugh at you, but did you know that manifest simply means to think of something you want to happen. Ask yourself this question as a start point:  What has to happen for me to feel that I have hit a target or been successful?

As much detail in what you want to happen, is where the key lies here.  A specific amount of money you want to earn, a specific outcome that you want to see will really help you get to where you want to go.

Think of this….. you wake up one morning and you think, I want to go for a swim today, despite being a little busy with work.  Your brilliant brain begins to problem solve and hey presto you find a slice of time to make a trip to the local pool.  That is all manifesting is.  

Taking action

Having a Business Vision Board will not mean that these goals and targets will magically happen by themselves.  You will need to take steps towards the goals. Having these clear objectives, looking at them each day, allows you a moment to say, are the things I have planned today moving me closer to my goals or not? The devil is in the detail and we should spend more time that we think planning out the goals, before even trying to put them into action.

It is also a great idea to ask yourself, what is holding you back from achieving your targets? 

What blocks are in your way?

It is normal to slightly fear the unknown or change in our lives, so if we were to visualise earning a lot of money, for example, it may well throw up some fears or discomfort and we need to examine that and if necessary, re-set our feelings about that.  

You will remain frozen in fear and take no action if you don’t do this.

As part of the services, Sarah offers Digital Vision Board making for small business owners wanting to grow the business, and themselves. These can be used for both personal and professional reasons.  In fact, you can create different boards for all sorts of different areas of your life.


However, I have recently begun a collaboration with Nicole Martin at Pinpoint Marketing.

The collaboration comes around her Marketing Strategy and Plan service within which are the details of her clients targets and goals. She was recently told by some of her clients that they would have loved a visual representation of these goals and figures. The image based business Vision Board is a visual representation of Pinpoint’s linear approach to marketing planning. And that’s when the Business Vision Board service was born!

Marketing Plans and business Vision Boards

The process will begin with the Marketing Plan that Nicole prepares, from that I will pull the targets and goals and create a draft Vision Board.  This board can be printed out or uploaded to show as your lock screen – it’s your choice. You can even use it in slides and presentations to your organisation. The client then meets me for a short online call and we finalise the images, the board design (we can use your logos and colours for example) and any words on the board. Your completed board is emailed to you with instructions and exercises assist with the manifesting process.

If you have questions about this process then please drop Sarah an email at and she will be glad to answer them