Football is I think a lot like marketing! Here is why …

So the World Cup kicks off this month and I for one will be supporting team England!

Football is I think a lot like marketing. Why? …

Success comes from teamwork and a manager taking control.

Both require tactics and goals

Both are based on results and wins against the competition

And both also needs balls!

Whats if the manager gets busy, stops caring and being dedicated? The team loses focus. the fans will not be happy and will certainly hold him or her accountable.

Get into winning ways and make your marketing accountable with Pinpoint!

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What would you do with an extra day? This could be weekly, every other week monthly?

Aside from the obvious like take a day off, go shopping, take a holiday, seriously what could you do within or for your business with this extra time? What can only you do that isn’t getting done or could be done with more time? For example, face to face sales, attending networking events or doing fee earning work?

This is where someone like me, Nicole Martin, of Pinpoint Marketing could come in! Pinpoint is like your extra pair of hands, eyes and ears! Plus re gift of time …

According to wikipedia, the definition of outsourcing is “In business, outsourcing is an agreement in which one company contracts its own internal activity to different company. It involves the contracting out of a business process. Eg marketing!

I have a number of clients I see weekly or monthly (as they don’t need a full time marketing employee) where I act as there mini marketing department and do everything marketing wise that I can for them in this regular period of time. This could be anything from meeting and brainstorming, email marketing and data, social media profiling and content, finding new leads, representing them via networking and market research.

So the client gets regular and expert support. They pay by invoice so no holiday or sick pay, NI etc. Their marketing is consistent and monitored and professional, leaving them free to do only what they can do best (once we have met, updates each other and set regular plans and goals).

They get strategic and hands on expertise, but without corporate prices and long term commitment/contractual obligations.

The work can be done in my office, their office or both!

I get to know the client over this time meaning I can add more value and service!

Everyone is a winner!

So, do you need more time back? Could you benefit from regular outsourcing of your marketing? Ask Pinpoint!

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What next? Options after sending your consent request sign-up email?

So, you have sent an email or a few asking clients and contacts on your database (current data, prospects, lapsed) to consent. Some will not have responded. So, what are your options?

Can I keep contacting them after the 25th May has passed?
(using a tool like Mailchimp)

If they are a client currently, then mention in this will happen in your t’s and c’s and you can maintain contact as part of your work.

Yes you can but only IF you are not using consent as your lawful basis for processing data.

Yes you can IF you are using legitimate interest as your lawful basis, and if they have been a client or are a client. To do this, you must complete a legitimate interest assessment.

Can I email them via Outlook?

If you are relying on consent and if you have opt-in, then yes.

For networking contacts, and if you are relying on legitimate interest, then yes but always offer the opt-out option.

If someone expresses NO interest, then you must delete them.

However, you can use postal marketing and social media for marketing purposes. Be respectful!


Please note this is not legal advice. Seek advice from a legal body or consult a GDPR expert such as Databasix.

Target practice! Who are you targeting? Who is your avatar?

A response I often get when I ask clients or prospects “who is your target audience or customer” is “anyone” or “women”. This is far too generic and also how on earth are they/I going to marketing to anyone? Where do you start?

It may be true for a lot of businesses that there is more than one audience to target, but there WILL be an audience that is more applicable to you eg they but more frequently, you can connect with them more and so on.

So as part of a great course I am attending on myself, I am walking my own walk and reviewing and working on my target audience. There are many areas to look at when determining your target audience of avatar as its quite often known in terms of age, locations, job, family set up, business experience and so on. Another area to look at, and is a crucial one, is what do they need? What do they struggle with? How can your product or service help them?

For example, some of my clients are scared of marketing and don’t know where to start so they either waste money and time or do nothing! Leading to no control or structure and no real results generated either.

For clients like this, I offer a marketing plan as a solution. By getting the basics right with who you are wanting to talk to, when and where, once set up and in place, the sales will start to come in and you will get back the structure and control and all important clarity!

So who are you targeting? How can you be the go to person or business?