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Ask yourself Why first

Who remembers playing pin the tail on the donkey at children’s parties? I don’t recall whether I was particularly good at this game or not, but I enjoyed it nevertheless and I remember it being very popular back in the day. So why am I telling you this?

When I am working with a new client or a potential new client, the word “why” will always come up in the initial conversation. This could be why do you do what you do? Or why do you think you need my help? Or why are you doing this or why are you doing it this way? In my mind, marketing isn’t a tick box exercise and any marketing or promoting of you or your business shouldn’t be done without reasons or goals in mind. This is all about knowing your why. Us small business owners do not have an abundance of time or money to burn, so we need to spend our time and money wisely.

So how do I work for you?

I will ask a new client or prospect lots of questions, either via them completing a form (available at or we chat in person (when it is safe to do so), or via the phone or email. These questions include:

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

What does the business do?

What is your USP?

Who are your competitors?

What marketing do you do already?

What are your goals

And so on ….

Why do I ask these questions?

The answers help me paint a picture of where the client is and where they want to be. Then I can use their responses and my experience to point the business in the right direction to get from their now to their ideal end place.

Why do I do it this way?

By asking questions, its means I don’t assume. I don’t bring in any pre-conceived ideas. Plus the client has a chance to speak, tell me how they feel and also an opportunity to gather their thoughts and share these before making any decisions.

By me asking all these types of questions in the way that I do, I ensure that the tail goes on the donkey in the right place at the right time through informed decisions and choices not guesswork. And as a result, the client wins. One client who had a session with me to run through the form and questions said, “A session with Nicole on marketing for my career coaching business was definitely time well spent. I now have much more clarity about what I should be focusing on. Before the session it felt like there were so many options that it was difficult to know where to start. I also received a great report from Nicole with lots of extra tips and advice. Many thanks Nicole; it was all so helpful.” Read more like this

So before you embark on your next marketing campaign or marketing decision, ask yourself “why” first.

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