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Are you right to follow my lead?

Right from day one of setting up and running Pinpoint Marketing, 13 years ago this month, I have always tried to put myself in my customer’s shoes and see things from their point of view. After all, I am a consumer myself, a customer and importantly, a fellow small business owner as well.

So what do I mean when I ask are you right to follow my lead?

Marketing consultant

As a marketing consultant, I have been there, done it and got the t-shirt as they say. I have run marketing campaigns, I have written marketing plans, I have attended networking events, I have measured my campaigns, I have outsourced, and I have more than likely been where you are your business are, good and bad. I have had successes and failures too! Therefore I have the proof and evidence that I can and have grown a business.

I say I am good at what I do in terms of helping small services based businesses to grow and achieve, I have the experience and I have the testimonials and case studies to prove it But what about the facts and stats? These stories and credentials are nice and all that, but what about the ££ and numbers?

My proof and marketing evidence

Here is what I have done with Pinpoint Marketing, using me as the marketing consultant lead, my knowledge and my experience:

  • 22% growth in website users and sessions from Jan 2021 to April. Page views and time spent per session also grew. This growth was across various pages and a blend of direct growth, organic, referral and social
  • 46 new Twitter followers from Jan to Apr. 48 new on LinkedIn, as well as maintaining follower numbers on my Facebook page and group and on Instagram. Profile views and post views grew also. (I check followers before accepting, rather than connecting with anyone and everyone). The most engaging posts and posts with most reach showed the liking of a variety of posts, content and style
  • 20% improvement on number of opens to my email marketing campaigns. Growing sends too and maintaining click levels as well. The links clicked on most showed the liking of a variety of content and style
  • 25% increase in networking events attended
  • 25% to 50% increase in leads/enquiries received
  • 37% to 75% ROI on spend vs sales
  • 20% increase in sales over Jan to Apr. Costs of sales didn’t increase every month either.

Growing your business with marketing

These stats and insights are recent but given the fact growth still happened in a lockdown, then it’s all good. I appreciate the economic climate isn’t the best at the moment, but I set up in a recession and have remained trading through one, therefore it can be done!

So if I can do this for me, with my marketing consultant hat on, I can surely do this for you and your business? So, are you right to follow me? Yes, you are …

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