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Are you guilty of being a one hit wonder?

Anyone else thinking of Chesney Hawkes when I say this? (or am I showing my age? And apologies if I am the one and only is now an ear worm for you for the rest of the day).

If you have gone to your first networking event or sent your first newsletter, what next? Are you done and can put your feet up? No! For consistency in your marketing and for maximum impact, you do need to repeat this process with a second event or second newsletter and so on? Repeating (but not for the sake of it or to tick a box) the activity and then measuring your activity for engagement, impact and ROI is what you want to do. Then analyse and change up/keep it going as appropriate.

Consistency is queen – right?

Right! That’s what I say and that’s what a lot of my contacts and clients say. 40% of small business owner respondents to a poll I carried out said the area they most struggle in their business and its marketing, is with consistency. Does this sound familiar to you?

You have heard the phrase of content is king, but have you heard of consistency is queen? Eg it is not just about what you say but also how and how often you say it! Consistency is the ability to replicate a process or activity with the same level of quality over and over again would you agree?
Consistency though doesn’t mean boring or not creative or being tied down but it does mean being accountable, regular, constant and it is a habit so if you are looking for a new habit or goal for 2022 then make being consistent one of them.

Why try and achieve consistency for your business?

  • Remove the chaos and overwhelm, by having a plan and course of action to follow
  • Better manage your time, by knowing what you are doing, when and also why. Create yourself a routine
  • Build your marketing over time, slowly but surely
  • Increase your number of touches to reach your audience, therefore increasing exposure and opportunities to engage and sell
  • Raise your profile and spread your message, to the right people across the right channels
  • Give your marketing some clarity. Know your why

Consistency is key when it comes to your marketing

Consistency in your marketing will build your pipeline or funnel over time to avoid famine or feast when it comes to your sales. For the detail and hacks and tips on how to achieve consistency in your marketing – view one of our past presentations

“If you want to be successful, you need consistency and if you don’t have it, you’ve got no chance.”  Paul Merson

Marketing content?

Marketing is about having a presence and having your name out there but on a consistent and regular basis. The frequency of posting can vary per social media channel and per your audiences preferences, but being regular is always important regardless.

Content can be found online in articles (but never claim it’s your own or copy it) or you can draw on personal experiences. Tell a story too. Include headlines and images and hashtags and keywords. Or you can employ the services of a professional copywriter.

How to use your content?

It is fine to repurpose content or to share it across multiple channels. For example write a 800 word blog on a subject for your website and LinkedIn articles. Then take sections of this for newsletter content linking it back to the site, for monthly networking minutes, for social media posts and so on. Not every prospect or customer will follow you/see you on every channel so it isn’t a case of being repetitive and lazy, but it is about drip feeding and covering all bases. 

The number of touches a potential customer needs to have before purchasing from you or enquiring with you is growing, so raising your profile and spreading your message across the board can only help with this softly softly selling and promoting process. 

How can you ensure marketing regularly?

Get organised. Write and schedule posts and content in advance using a common theme each month to underpin all the messages and posts. You can do this at the beginning on the month or week to ensure it gets done. This is how I do it and do it for clients too. This way helps you get organised, it stops the overwhelm, it ensures consistency in your marketing and that outbound messaging is consistent and regular. You can always add additional posts and content as and when topical or adhoc.

There will also be some experimenting with content and style in the early days. Use a variety of content from sales based to offers and personal to market based. See after some time of doing this what is resonating, then review and adapt. Measure your marketing for the best results.

Download our template on how to achieve consistency here