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Are you content with your content?

Marketing for accountants

We have all probably heard the phrase that “content is king” (Bill Gates). Do you agree it is? Content has a huge role to play in the successful marketing of your business and its services. Your content portrays what you do and what you offer, but also what benefits you bring and what value you can add.

“The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered.” – Michael Brenner

What is content planning?

Content plans or a content strategy? What is the difference or are they the same?

The strategy is the foundations eg what you are going to communicate and to what channels and the plan is the actual implementation eg the posting/uploading of such content.

According to the CIM, content marketing is – “The process for creating and distributing relevant material, in any format, to your target audience with the express aim of engaging with the audience to drive a profitable relationship.”

How do you plan your content?

At Pinpoint, the way we do it and encourage our clients to do it is to think of the theme on a top level first. Eg for an accountant, the theme may be cashflow. Then we look at creating content on cashflow, and then how to disseminate this across the channels. Eg the blog, the newsletter, the social posts per profile etc. Find out more here about content planning

By planning your content it will stop writer’s block and feeling overwhelmed by the tasks but it will also allow you to reuse and repurpose content from month to month if you need. Planning your content ensures you cover all the marketing channels. Don’t deal with marketing channel in isolation, it all works better together!

Why you should plan your content?

As it is Summer time and many of you will be going away or taking some time out from the business, now is an ideal time to create some content, plan it, automate/schedule it and get organised whilst you are away.

Another reason or benefit to planning is to achieve marketing consistency, as in the frequency and regularity of your posts and content being put out there.

Content goals

The aim/s of your content is to inspire, entertain, educate and promote.

One way to put your content into boxes to ensure a variety of material/messages/content is to think of the words in pillars. Eg how to content, personal lifestyle, business and promotional for example.

Other pillars may include market and industry news, products and services, company news, awareness days or seasonal/topical posts, staff news. And remember the 70/30 rule of content …

Find out more about content planning   

Who should be in charge of content?

As a business owner you need to know what is being posted roughly and by whom and where. This is whether staff do it or whether you outsource. The content needs to be appropriate, relevant and in your tone of voice which is why you should be involved at some level when it comes to your content.

“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” – Jon Buscall

A recent content customer of Pinpoint said:

“This is just ace – exactly what I need. There is loads here that is spot on – and so clear and easy to use. Many thanks” Jo Dickie