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Accountability – who are you answering to?


According to the online Cambridge dictionary, accountability means – the fact of being responsible for what you do and able to give a satisfactory reason for it, or the degree to which this happens:

With our clients, we act as your marketing mentor. We can be the accountability partner, supporting, holding your hand (not literally!) and ensuring everyone keeps focussed and remains on track.

We don’t let you hide

The Atomic Habits book says “how an accountability partner can change everything” Would you agree? The book goes on to say that knowing someone is watching you can be a powerful motivator. An accountability partner can create an immediate cost to inaction and we do want others to have a lesser opinion of us. I say these are all benefits to having an accountability partner.  Accountable is a key word in business planning. Read more

I would agree with this. Find out more

How can you be accountable?

As a business owner …

You will be accountable to your staff and your customers and to any shareholders. They will need to be kept informed, updated, communicated with and listened to/heard.

As me as a marketing consultant?

I ensure and you need to ensure that I am working for you and working hard for you. my role as I see it is to track your marketing activity, make changes, make decisions, spend wisely and get results. I also report on sales, cost of sales, ROI, leads numbers, sources and more. Using our years of marketing expertise for ourselves and for our clients, we mentor you through traditional consultancy by working with you to collate your month’s activity, measure any successes and we can recommend We hold you accountable, ensuring you get maximum value, we will check in with you to answer any questions or issues which have arisen and see how you/the business are doing.

To your accountant?

Your accountant or book keeper will hold you accountable by reporting on your sales and profits and so on. They will keep you on track as well as keeping you compliant.

Measuring your marketing

Monthly reporting and measuring will hold you, your agency and your team to account by gauging progress, tracking process, and much more.

What next when it comes to your marketing and being accountable?

Do you easily lose focus?

Do you need help staying on track?

Do you procrastinate a lot?

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