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8 reasons to update and rewrite your marketing plan!

Assuming you have a marketing plan (and if you don’t we can talk about that too! 😬), when was it written or last worked on? Pre pandemic or post pandemic? …

A marketing plan post Pandemic

The world has changed a lot post pandemic including how we shop and buy our services and goods and where we shop too. A spotlight has been shone on the bigger companies and have handled things, good and bad, so with all change and more to come, it wouldn’t be out of the question to suggest you review or rewrite and update your current marketing plan. 

Customers or people vote with their feet as the saying does and customer loyalty maybe isn’t what it was in some sectors. 

8 reasons to update your marketing strategy and plan:

1. The pandemic has potentially changed who your customers are perhaps and it’s likely changed their expectations and priorities too from you as a supplier. Has your plan factored this in?

2. The cost of living has, or may, also changed your customers and their buying patterns and decision making processes. Customers at rnahbe thinking harder before buying. They are buying but taking their time before buying to conserve cash flow and ensure they doing the right thing. Is your sales process and channels to use reflective of this? 

3. Customers are now more than ever seeking more value and so is as businesses have to review what we are doing and saying and how. Have you reviewed your messaging and value adding benefits to customers? 

4. In tough times or any times in fact, it is easier to sell/upsell/cross sell to existing customers thank find new ones. It is cheaper and quicker often too. This also includes nurturing loyal and repeat customers by thanking them, adding value, offering exclusive content or even discounts and offers. So is your strategy and plan aimed at supporting and growing current contacts for all round mutual rewards and opportunities?

5. With some of the bigger boys falling short with customer service during lockdowns and with more sme’s starting up, the competition is tougher and bigger than it may have been for some time. Is your plan helping you up your game?

6. Buying behaviours and trends are changing too post pandemic. Buy local is becoming more of a thing too. Are your routes to market taking these changes into account?

7. Sustainability is a growing hot topic. Are you doing anything on this within the business and are you shouting about it? Your plan should be! 

8. Your strategy and plan is meant to be a living document that is flexible, reactive and updated accordingly. When did you last review or revisit yours. If it’s longer than 12 months ago, you may want to jump on making some edits and audits.

Time for a marketing review and audit?

If it’s about time you had a review if you feel at least one of these eight reasons resonates, get in touch! Save time and resource and stress in the long run with a review and audit/brainstorm with a specialist like myself in the short term. It will be time and money well spent!