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7 ways to grow your Small Business online!

Everything seems online these days and why not? It is relatively cheap and easy to set up and use and it is often used regularly by your customers and potential customers. Pinpoint Marketing is a fan, so hence this blog on ways you can grow your small business for this festive season and beyond.

  1. Which social media channel should you use?

There is no right or wrong answer here and it will depend on who you are targeting, whether your business is image based and so on.

More thoughts on this here

  1. What are your competitors doing?

This doesn’t mean copy them or do the exact opposite, but instead be conscious of their niche and their messaging. You need to differentiate rather than follow the crowd. Read more here

  1. be consistent!

Whether you are on Facebook or Linkedin, make sure your branding is accurate and consistent and carry through your logo, colours and so on through everything you do marketing wise.

4. Know your USP!

This follows on from point 2 about standing out from the crowd.

Many companies make the mistake of thinking their usp can be generic like great customer service and they try to appeal to the masses. A generic usp is too vague and not strong enough and it won’t make you memorable. So why find out your usp? You are unique! You have something worth offering. A usp gives you a competitive advantage. It tells your customers what is special about you. A clear USP saves customers and potential customers when choosing between you and another. How to use your usp once you have found it? Use it in your marketing messaging – your posts, website, strapline, branding, articles, monthly minutes, on your material and more. Use it when talking and networking and as with all marketing, review your USP regularly. Your USP should define what you want to be famous for! Eg the go to person for subject xx.

  1. Be trendy!

Keep up to speed with the latest changes and nuances of the all the major social media channels and online offerings.

Follow the sites and profiles of experts as one way to learn.

6. Be creative

Liven up posts with images and videos. Use royalty free images and not fall foul of copyright. Use apps like Wordswag and Canva to personalise and brand stock images

7. plan ahead

Plan your content and recycle!
Ensure your marketing messaging is consistent
across all marketing, collateral and social media.

Get a comprehensive content plan for the year covering:

  • market and industry news
  • products and services
  • company news
  • awareness days
  • staff news
  • general updates

Don’t forget to analyse, track progress, measure and know your ROI.