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7 touches of Marketing! – How a multi channel marketing approach really can work …

Dr Jeffrey Lant, a marketing expert, developed a concept called the ‘Rule of Seven‘.  Within this concept, Lant states that to penetrate the buyer’s consciousness and to make significant penetration in a given market, you have to contact the prospect a minimum of 7 times within a set period.

This concept or process can also be referred to as drip fed marketing. This way looks at constantly feeding marketing messages to the receiver. This consistent approach ensures that the message gets through slowly but surely, which feeds perfectly into the notion or theory of the 7 touches.

So, what could these 7 “touches” look like in reality? Here is an example:

1 Send Email marketing eg automated newsletter (if receiver consented to receive)

2 Make a phone call/telemarketing (if receiver consented to receive)

3 Social media connection

Or you could break down this connection to:

LinkedIn connection

Facebook connection

Twitter connection

Instagram connection

4 Social media retweet or comment/like/share

5 Networking event attendance or meet up

6 PR/article of interest/share

7 Send a letter or postcard (direct mail)

These 7 touches or types of contact can be implemented according to your budget, resource and experience. They can be adjusted depending on your timings and what social media profiles you use etc etc. Remember, quality over quantity.

Marketing, dare I say it, isn’t rocket science but it is very much a case of being organised, proactive and have a well thought out and well rounded strategy in place. events to make contact with the right contact and to further build on the relationship

A well-rounded Marketing strategy or a multi channel marketing plan will include all activities within the marketing mix, from offline marketing such as networking to online marketing such as social media.

Pinpoint recommends getting into routine of weekly/monthly or regular marketing activity and developing a process you can roll out time and time again. Pinpoint Marketing offers packages covering marketing planning and strategy brainstorming, so take a look as to how we can help … View our Marketing Packages

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