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6 ways to keep communicating with your internal customers

It’s good to talk! Who remembers the old BT ad with this strapline or am I showing my age? The ad may be old but the message and meaning is still very relevant. And even more so in today’s hybrid working world wouldn’t you say?

Hybrid working

According a piece in People Management, a quarter of workers are now hybrid, official figures show. The article says experts urge employers to think carefully about how they support employees wherever they work. And some are even trialling a 4 day week.

Internal marketing

Do you do this? Or do you need to start it?

Don’t forget internal marketing is my advice. If you have a team, even if it is you and just two others, internal marketing is still very important. With your team, virtual or not, working from home or in the office or a mixture of both, communicating and updating each other is vital. And making sure the team feels involved and that their opinions and experience matters is just as key.

The CIM definition is “The process of eliciting support for a company and its activities among its own employees, in order to encourage them to promote its goals. This process can happen at a number of levels, from increasing awareness of individual products or marketing campaigns, to explaining overall business strategy.” So how can you do it?

How to internally market with your team?

Such internal marketing communications can be done:

  1. Via emails if these aren’t too long and the subject matter isn’t confidential or sensitive or needing explaining
  2. Team meetings are also an option. These can be face to face to via Teams/Zoom or a mixture of both with people in the room and others dialling in
  3. Newsletters are good too. These can be emailed or put on a shared drive or printed and sent out with updates and info
  4. Internal software and systems like shared drives and intranets are an option too, with the right IT and HR input and back up
  5. Team building and away days are a great way to get people together and communicating, and not in the usual office location
  6. Appoint an ambassador or someone responsible/in charge of the internal marketing campaigns, processes and updates. This can be an employee or outsourced

There are other ways I am sure, but whichever methods you choose note the subject matter, the numbers of people and setting the right tone so the message or update is delivered as accurately as possible and with sensitivity if needed and with clarity. You also want to aim to make everyone feel included and part of it however or wherever they are receiving the internal marketing message.

Why bother with internal marketing?

Getting everyone’s buy-in internally before launching marketing campaigns and tracking them can really make an impact on its success. If the team isn’t informed and excited, how do you expect the customers or prospects to be?

Equally, internal marketing is good for morale, socialising, engaging and for wellbeing and productivity too.