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6 tips to check your homemade logo is up to the job

Have you designed your own logo?

It’s great that you’ve taken the initiative and had a go – well done! I know how hard it must have been for you to come up with the right look and feel. But is it up to the job and do you have all the elements you need for a great-looking brand that reflects your business and resonates with your customers? I understand that it can feel scary/costly/overwhelming to use a graphic designer and I feel your pain – I have similar challenges in my own business. But you really do need to consider whether your logo is working for you.

The chances are that if you’ve designed your logo in Canva, Wix or some other online software, then your logo won’t quite be doing the job you need it to and it will either be fuzzy or illegible.

So here’s a a checklist to help you work out if you have a healthy logo for your fabulous business.

6 tips for your logo health check: 

Legibility – look at that little roundel on your social page where you’ve added your logo – can you read it?

Colour – do they work online as well as in print?

Variations – do you have your logo set up for different uses? For example: stacked, horizontal, white out, transparent, with strapline, without strapline…?

Formats – do you have jpgs, pngs, eps, svg files? These are all essential and all serve a different purpose.

Quality – how are you planning to use your logo in the future? For example, business cards, brochures, merchandise, exhibition banners, shop fronts, the list goes on. It’s vital that you have your logo in a vector format – the printer/designer will insist on this.

Guidelines – have you got fonts, colours, logo types all in one handy place to pass onto your web/graphic designer or printer?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you may well be in need of some help.

Don’t panic and don’t make do!

You’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run by getting your logo set up properly and future-proofed.

As a graphic designer I often help people get their existing logo into shape and working for them. Here’s how I helped one such business…

Mini case study

I helped James & Praveen from Adventures in Wellness fix their logo.

They had designed their own logo, but just couldn’t quite get it working properly. I stepped in and whilst keeping the essence of their own design, I reworked the typography and gave them a logo that is legible. I supplied all the necessary file types and a handy guideline sheet – everything they need as their wellness community grows.

If you’re struggling with your homemade logo and need some help, why not get in touch and let me sort it out for you.

In the meantime, have fun creating your own designs and don’t forget to call in an expert when you get stuck.

This is a guest blog from Helen Kirkby

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