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4 main marketing mistakes made

Marketing mistake 1

Fast forwarding to the shiny stuff

Small business owners can be like magpies as in they attracted to the shiny stuff. By this I mean the new launched website or the first newsletter sent or the setting up of and posting to LinkedIn for the first time. Whereas these are all marketing activities to aspire to and be proud of, they can’t be done immediately and without thought. The thought behind these that is needed is all around who you want to talk to what you want to say and how you will say it. Once the strategy is defined of the audience the messaging and the channels, then this information can form the basis of creating your website, your newsletter and so on. The shiny stuff is great, but do your homework first. 

Marketing mistake 2

Lacking consistency

No business owner wants their leads and sales to be famine or feast. Seasonal issues cannot be helped sometimes nor can recessions and so on but by having consistent and regular marketing activities lined up and planned out, this can help avoid the famine. And instead give a steady flow of enquiries and conversions. By dropping the marketing when you get busy, you have to restart again each time and this slows down the process and makes it more stop start. By continuing, and outsourcing if you need, slowly but surely and regularly with frequency, your marketing will be consistent and therefore steadily more fruitful on an ongoing basis. 

Marketing mistake 3

Not measuring or following through

If you don’t measure your marketing activity regularly how will you know what is working and what isn’t. Equally, if you haven’t set goals or Lou’s to measure your marketing against, how will you know if you are closer to achieving your goals. What will you have to measure against?

And when you know what is working for your business in terms of lead sources and so on, you can repeat the activity as you will have a blueprint of what success looks like. 

Marketing mistake 4

Being impatient 

Marketing, sorry to say, isn’t an overnight thing or a magic wand. It needs time, dedication and commitment. And you as the business owner needs patience with marketing. Things take time to work and for the message to be drip fed over time too. The delay in seeing results doesn’t mean they won’t come, but if given time, if reviewed and adjusted and with patience, your marketing efforts will result in impact and ROI. Manage your expectations and be realistic.

To summarise: I urge you to avoid these oops moments. Seeks advice and support of you need to as well. Don’t make these 4 common marketing mistakes going forward please. 

Take these tips and be patient, be consistent, measure and do your groundwork first. Slow and steady wins the race as they say …