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24 ways and how’s in which outsourced marketing will/can support you and your business in 2024 …

outsourced marketing

Earlier this month, we ran two polls about the biggest challenge you have business wise in 2024 and the core goals you have. The results, summarised, are:

The biggest challenge for 58% of you is needing more leads. Followed by knowing who to target then needing to improve sales then upselling as the least challenging.

The core/main goal and objective for you is getting more clients and getting more retainer work, in equal measure. Then it was wanting/needing more revenue.

So, how can outsourced marketing/CMO services support you achieve these goals and needs? …

1. A strategy and roadmap created for you will help you and the business define your target audience and niche, set goals and create messaging and a usp.

2. Having a plan written for you will help you define which marketing channels to use and then to all importantly, implement the marketing across the channels.

3. Outsourced marketing will fill the skills and resource gaps in your current marketing set up

4. Outsourced marketing will ensure someone is on hand to keep you and the team and the marketing accountable.

5. A CMO, outsourced marketing officer, will provide the vital role of bridging the gap between a business owner/directors and the team to ensure the marketing is thought out, right for you and actioned.

6. A well networked outsourced marketer will be able to connect you with and introduce you to the right suppliers you need.

7. Outsourcing can give you the best of both worlds. 

8. Outsourcing can save money as it doesn’t come with salaries, tax, holiday pay and so on. 

9. Outsourced marketing will hit the ground running to experience.

10. Other benefits: keeping focussed and on track.

11. Keeping up to date with the latest tools and techniques.

12. Use as and when needed, short or long term or both.

13. Help you avoid marketing procrastination. 

14. Outsourced marketing can give you an audit of where the business is and how the marketing is doing, with an outsider’s point of view. 

15. An outsourced marketer or CMO will help you the business owner not be dragged down or bogged down with the day to day marketing. 

16. And will help free up some of your precious time. 

17. And will help you be more organised and proactive. 

18. Measure your marketing and make changes with the findings, with outsourced marketing. 

19. Outsourced marketing can be a great interim solution between not having a marketing team to recruiting for one.

20. Get fresh ideas and a fresh perspective. 

21. Brainstorm with someone who has experience in your market/niche for expertise and proven results. 

22. Get support and back up from a CMO whom you can trust, rely on, use and seek guidance from. 

23. Get a handle on your lead gen and marketing and sales, and have it all managed in one place, through outsourced marketing. 

24. Third parties eg outsourced suppliers, can be worth their weight in gold for all these 24 reasons suggested. 

Convinced that you need outsourced marketing in 2024? Get in touch!

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