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The benefits of marketing

The last few months or even years have been unpredictable and challenging to say the least BUT there are still opportunities out there and growth to be made and there are things that you as a business owner can do to make the most out of your marketing budget and planning. With this in mind and to support and encourage SME’s to take action, and with less than a month to go until 2023, here are 23 reasons and benefits to create and implement a Marketing Strategy and Plan for your business. And remember plans are NOT just for January.

Before we delve into the tips though, one big reason to mention before the main section to create a marketing plan or to review your current one, the world around us is changing a lot and therefore your audience may have changed, your messaging and your niche/USP.

(If you need to know firstly what marketing strategy and planning is, what’s included and what it is all about, visit the website

Marketing Strategy and Planning

  1. Stop wasting time and money on the wrong marketing for your business by knowing the basics and creating a realistic and timely plan! Get your foundations set out as a good basis to build your marketing on
  2. Avoid the overwhelm, stress, overspending, wasting time and making ill judged decisions
  3. Break down the mammoth task of marketing into smaller step by step actions 
  4. Avoid doing nothing by having action items listed out
  5. Make yourself accountable with a plan to follow
  6. Know your ROI by following a regular plan and get the desired outcomes
  7. Maintain marketing consistency by following a marketing plan
  8. Make sure you know your audience, goals and messaging before implementing marketing
  9. Post and communicate varied content by following a plan
  10. Cover all the relevant marketing channels and routes to market for your business, with an experienced plan to follow
  11. Share your ideas and goals and direction with staff and supplies alike for a cohesive effort
  12. Stay on track to reaching your goals through your plan. Without a plan it will be harder to achieve
  13. Take action and actually make things happen by an inspired plan
  14. Don’t leave your business successes to chance or luck 
  15. Avoid implementing marketing in isolation and do activities all together and in partnership for better results 
  16. Logic and order via a plan will help you save time and money overall 
  17. Plans can be started and reviewed at any time of the year, not just for January 
  18. A plan helps you keep focused and on track 
  19. Structure via a plan makes taking action and measuring and following up easier to do and is more effective for your business 
  20. Stay ahead of your competition with a plan helping your know your market, your audience and your objectives 
  21. Build your confidence to manage and implement your own marketing
  22. A plan with varied steps and planned out content, activity and campaigns will ensure the business covers off all services, and cross sells and up sells whenever possible
  23. The landscape has changed over the last few months and years for many businesses, therefore your plan and strategy needs to reflect these changes and act as a living document to drive your business forward

How to get a Marketing Plan and Strategy

If you still need more reasons, benefits, testimonials, videos and more about marketing strategy and planning, visit the site or if you are a service based business owner, book a no obligation free discovery call

chat with me.

We can show you sample plans so you can see what you would be getting in return for your investment.

Wishing you a profitable and successful 2023!