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2023, in my words …

Seasons Greetings from Pinpoint Marketing

How was your business year?

How was 2023 for you and the business? (albeit I appreciate it hasn’t ended yet!)

What has worked for your business?

What worked in the business marketing, sales, staff, admin, finance or other wise and what of all of this would you like to carry over into 2024 and beyond?

Perhaps a new sales tactic you tried? Or a new marketing channel/route to market that you used? Or a new employee or a new outsourced supplier that helped you?

What didn’t work for you?

And what didn’t work as you wanted, process wise or personally/mindset wise, that you would like to leave behind and not take forward?

For example, a customer that didn’t value what you did or appreciate you? Or a service that isn’t needed any more as times have changed?

And on this note, “I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they much change if they are to get better! Georg C.Lichtenberg

What did I learn that I can pass on to you?


That’s a pain for a lot of use small business owners for sure when it comes to responding, following up and getting answers. I appreciate people are busy and what you and I might be offering are not vital or key for some, it is still frustrating. Read our blog about what it is, why not to take it personally and what can you do about it?

Sales AND Marketing

“I also learned the importance of sales, which may sound daft for a marketer to say! Tesco chief: “I also learned the importance of sales, which may sound daft for a marketer to say! Tesco chief: “I don’t see marketing as a cost. I see it as an investment!  

I totally agree with this! It is an investment. Without marketing, the lead gen piece will be harder and with no leads to convert, the sales will be scarce. Gone are the days where we can rely solely on businesses to call us inbound, so we need to invest in the outbound marketing.


These are key for business growth. If you don’t have processes in place to nurture leads, ensure you don’t drop the ball and not follow up and to ensure you don’t leave business/money on the table. These could be a sales process from enquiry to close, or an onboarding process, or a process to measure and track your marketing and more!


I looked at my own niches to ensure I was helping the right clients and targeting the right ones too, and with success I may add.

Why niche? You cannot market or sell to everyone and anyone, and every/any doesn’t make you as memorable as a business either. But by being clear on your target audience, this will make your prospecting, targeting, finding and selling a lot easier as your messaging will be on point and will resonate so much more.


It is safe to say that a lot us, me included, found this year hard and the whole lead time for converting has again been extended as clients think twice and ponder more about spending.

You are not alone

It has not been an easy year has it? Many have found this so if you have, you are not alone. Can I help? Eg a listening ear over a cuppa? Or introduce you to someone/a business who may be able to help you/your business? Do you need ideas or an accountability partner? Or even/just a listening ear? … Here to help.

What’s new?

This year we launched our CMO retainer service. Does your business need a leader, but you don’t have the budget to hire a full time marketing director? A CMO is not the I have to do this role, but a CMO does delegate/collaborate. They come up with the strategy and then the “team” (in whatever form this team comes in) implement it. A chief marketing officer is not an expert in everything. They do enable and empower the team to be productive and working together for a collective outcome that benefits all.

And I launched a marketing audit as well. A marketing audit will enable you as the business or practice owner to  see where the business is situation wise, determine where you want to go with goals, a reason and purpose and work out how you can get there using marketing. Find out the benefits of an audit and who one is ideal for?


Who knows what next year will bring, but with a strategy and plan of action, you will no doubt be in a better position to tackle what’s ahead rather than winging it. Consistency and following up are key in marketing terms and will no doubt be needed for 2024 and beyond …

Christmas opening hours for Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd

We close on the 21st December to the 3rd January 2024. We will be available for urgent/live queries where we can, but hopefully we will be putting our feet up for the rest of the time for a much deserved break.

Seasons Greetings

And lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy New Year. And to thank you for your custom and loyalty this year and in past and future years also.